Domestic Violence and Fasting, Prayer Request,

Hi everyone,

I recently experienced a difficult situation where my brother (who had been an alcoholic for over 6 years and stopped for 2 years when he was in a good relationship with a girl and then went back to drinking right after they broke up) scared me by saying I can’t go anywhere until I listen to him rant while he was intoxicated and sounded manipulative. He wanted me to help him get back with the girl and I did not want to get involved knowing how much stress he caused her and that she wanted to break up. Anyways, long story short, my family and I spent 2 very tough weeks leading up to him moving out. We asked to move out and our parents did not want that and so the tension between my siblings and I versus our parents was full on for 2 weeks. Police was called etc and he eventually had to move out because my siblings had enough and called the police on him when he came drunk and was threatening us one night.

Now, I have been recovering from all that has happened Thank God and I have talked to a professional right after the 2 full on 2 weeks that I had. However, I am realising that when I stress and feel like I am forced to do something (I am guessing like I felt when my brother tried to force me to sit and listen to him, unwillingly), I rely on water and food. This, is not a problem when I think about it on a normal day because I eat healthy and in decent amounts. But on sundays, I am finding it hard to fast until mass/service is over like I used to and I want you all to first PRAY for me because I miss doing that. I also want any advice or words of encouragement you might have for me.

God bless you all and thank you in advance.
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