Coptic Apps for Evangelisation


We had a brain storming session on how we could evangelise our church using Apps. 

Here's what we came up with:

01. Coptic Quotes App

This app was made with Coptic Riches - a team dedicated to spreading quotes made by Pope Shenouda III. 

02. Whats on Your Mind App

With Coptic Quotes, we felt that we are just preaching to the choir. We are just allowing Coptic Christians to view quotes by saints they already know. What we wanted was to share the riches of the Coptic Church with others. So we made What's on your Mind? App.

The name came from Facebook. FB always asks you: What's on your mind? 
This app allows you to post quotes - your own, or from anyone else, in a beautiful format, to Facebook, Instagram, etc.

To make it appealing to others , we added quotes by other modern apologists. But it is not just open to Christians. We opened it to everyone. Here's why: 

surely someone who is not christian and sees a Christian quote (by chance) will gain more than someone who is already Christian.

Both apps are free. What we ask is that you use them to post quotes from your favourite Coptic Authors, or from yourselves, with your own quotes.

What's On Your Mind App: [iOS]

What's On Your Mind App: [Android]

Coptic Quotes: [iOS]

Coptic Quotes: [Android]

Let us know what you think of the idea, and of the apps. What we'd like ultimately is that you use What's On Your Mind App, and let users , even if they are not Christian, see Christian Quotes - especially quotes by our Church fathers. I've created a section or biography on all authors to help raise awareness of our church riches. 

I won't lie to you, of course, obviously, we will have to sooner or later, put quotes by non-orthodox, or even non-Christian sources, but my opinion is this: which quote or poster app out there has Coptic citations? No one. Not one! Surely it is a chance to share the depth and wisdom of our Church to others this way. 

But it is up to you. Please try either app.
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