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Hi all,

ok...i'm pretty much a video game fanatic. One of my favourite video games is "age of mythology" ensemble studios. i don't know if u guys know this, but the game talks about "worshipping different gods to advance to the next stage"...i noe that we as the church obviously don't believe in such ideologies...but here's my question:

is it wrong to play such video games, even if they are just for fun?

Let me know what u think...

Sinful Servant


  • #1) Age of Mythology is bad... Rise of Nations rules ;D

    #2) Its only a game... do u really think that worshiping a sheep or a half bird half human god is gonna send a tornado or drought to the enemy :D... its all fun n games no problem
  • true...

    and btw, Age of Empires is the best all time game, i don't care wat anyone thinks (just to let u noe)
  • true... age of empires is the best but lets not drift off the topic here ;)...
  • hi

    i'm sure u heard about halo and halo 2. well... here's my question, is it wrong to play video games where u kill people, or things

    God Bless
  • hey,

    just wanted to say that this question was on my mind as well. Here's the way i look at it:

    - Though many people blame violent games for teen violence, it's important that these parents take the responsibility to teach their kids where to draw the line between games and real life. By maintaining a regular habit of attending church and maintaining a regular church life, we can keep a pretty clear line of where games and life are.

    To those who don't understand the meaning of this post, i wanted to ask a similar question: is playing video games involving mythological gods wrong?

    Sinful Servant
  • Video game is the Devil!!!!!1 :o
    i'm just kidding guys.

    but seriosly, i think video games have
    a bad influence on young kids.
    and i do not think that there is anything
    wrong with playing them, as long as you are
    not influenced by them(as MarMar91 said), it is ok.
    but i find it wrong to have mystical gods in games
    because i think that makes it like having other
    gods is something that is being accepted or normal.
    but, if the gods are only part of a game, i believe we
    should play the game for the sake of playing the
    game and having fun, and not for the sake of
    worshiping the gods. we should not take the gods

    nice topic, Sinful Servant.
    by the way, Age of Empires rules.
  • Playing games that worship other gods is definitely wrong ..(maybe I have done that in some of the games I played - I dont remember now) and about games with other gods in it I dont know about that it seems wrong tooo.
  • It isn't exactly wrong unless you follow the steps shown in the game. What I mean is that if YOU start to worship all these gods and such then you are wrong. It is ok to play the game. My brother has that and my dad let him buy it, hes a priest... but he mite not know what it's about. So keep in mind that the only god YOU can worship is the Lord Jesus.. that should be ur answer.[glow=red,2,300][/glow]
  • anyone play san andreas yet ::)

    lol, games are okay with moderation i think. Dont overdo it and quit playing a game if u start to get nightmares or other bad effects.
  • Personally i think video games are pointless. Just saying.
  • Hey,
    I don't think it's wrong to play but if your at a young age than I suggest that you shouldn't play it because it's a bad influence on younger children and I heard this story about people playing video games too much and it caused them brain damage so be careful and I have played Perfect Dark and it's not all that bad you pick up a gun and you kill your arch enemie but it is very bad that's why it's rated M for Mature and I think stores should ban these M video games to little children it can be very harmful!

    My suggestion...............................

    -God Bless-

  • Keep something important in mind...when you play video games, you have to remember the purpose of the game. Important things you should remember when playing video games:

    1) DO NOT let it interfere with your studies
    3) Play moderately...it's a great way to improve your skills with stuff involving hand-eye co-ordination
    4) Don't think of the game as a bad influence unless you are exposed to the game at a very young age (i'm talking toddlers here...)

    When you guys say it's a great stress relief valve, i noe what you mean...take for example a driving game. We all know how amazing it would be to speed downt the highway without getting caught by the cops or ending up in a ditch, so we take out that desire into video games! it's the closest thing you can get to driving at adrenaline-pumping speeds without injuring yourself.

    Let me know what you think...
    Sinful Servant
  • IM not crazy bout video games but ill tell u this NBA LIVE 2005 ruels
  • as long as video games does not interfere with your spiritual life or studies, u can play it Dont play too much

    oh and uh Need For speed underground 2 and grand theft auto san andreas are the best games
  • how about GTA vice city?
  • Personally I can't get my head around video games, how people can stay glued to a screen for hours... but anyways to answer your question, I will ask you another question: Is watching TV wrong, is shopping wrong? etc. These things as with video games aren't wrong in themselves, it's just that every moment you spend playing or watching TV is a moment less you spend with God. I'm saying this to myself before I say it to anyone else. It's not bad to do those things, but it's so much better to spend your time in a better way. I don't mean never play games or watch TV but just know that too much of it is bad and about the violence in it, I assume most people are mature enough to know the difference between games and real life so I don't view that as a problem..

    God Bless
    Please pray for me, a sinner
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