Paul Perry's "Jesus in Egypt"

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I just recently ordered a book (although it did not come in yet) called "Jesus in Egypt: Discovering the secrets of Christ's childhood years. According to what I have heard this book relies on roughly two thousand years of oral tradition, divine visions, two or three lines from the book of Isaiah and accounts from apocryphal books...which I think is accurate from my perspective. However...

I was wondering if anyone has read this book before and can confirm its accuracy/authenticity 

I know that we should rely on the Bible more than anything, however since Jesus's entry into Egypt was not far away from this date, I decided to look into books that went into depth about his stay in Egypt as the Bible does not thoroughly contemplate on Jesus's journey in Egypt. From what I have seen, I think this book is accurate...but I still want to know your thoughts...

Here is the link if any of you want to check it out:

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  • i checked out the author on line, i think he does not belong to any particular religion, but is probably 'spiritual' and interested in ancient religions. he mentions reading 'apocrypha', so will probably present stories from gnostic writings about Jesus as fact. there are several 'gospels' that were written in the 100s and 200s AD about the supposed life of Jesus, written by groups that were not Christian. 
    these gnostic groups mixed legends that started about the life of Jesus with pagan dieties and greek philosophy and came up with a new kind of spirituality that denied the divinity of the Son of God.
    some of their stories were later incorporated in the qu'ran, for example the (untrue) legend that Jesus made birds out of clay when He was a small boy.

    so i would expect the book will mix authentic Christian tradition about where the holy family traveled and what miracles happened with the gnostic legends, and it may end up confusing you.
    but i think if you uses this as an opportunity to do some patristic research to separate fact from fiction, then it may be worthwhile.

    i'll give you some starters for your research in the next post, happy reading!
  • links about the visit of our Lord to egypt:

    this says that pope theophilus had a vision (towards the end of the 300s AD) that lead to the discovery of the places the holy family has visited.

    pope theophilus apparently has a lunar crate named after him!

    to read more about history at the time of pope theophilus, you can go to this website: and look for post nicene fathers, or go straight here:
    and download socrates and sozomenus ecclesiastical histories.
    these writers were not saints, but good historians, and although their books come to more than 1,000 pages, you can download them in pdf format and so use the search function to look for information about different points in time.

    happy reading!

  • wow, thank you so much! :)
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