What will happen to Egypt in the end times?

I like reading about the prophecies and is of course something that interests me and other people. I would like to know what your interpretations and thoughts are on what is described in the Bible about the state of Egypt in the end times. Thank you! 


  • Nothing special. It's part of the entire world and likewise will be affected the same.
  • Orthodoxy, both Eastern and Oriental, do not believe in the End Times. The End Times teachings originated in the First and Second Great Awakening in the 17th and 18th centuries in North America and Europe. It also comes from Radical Reformation in which Protestants rejected the initial teachings of Luther and then even Calvin. There is no formal geographical place, either. Protestant Evangelicals believe the physical state of Israel is literal. That's why Israel has massive financial support from Evangelical Christianity. Focus on Passion Week and the reading of Revelation, don't pay attention to incorrect teachings.
  • ok, i think what italiancopic means is that we don't believe in hollywood movies that are loosely based on 1980s American protestant 'end of the world' theories (which are based on earlier theories, as above).

    (am i right?)

    we do believe the world is going to end (it's in the book of revelation). but probably the antichrist will not be predicted correctly a few decades before on someone's television 'evangelism' channel.

    we prepare for the end of the world / end of our lives (probably coming first) by fasting, praying, learning to live with God and doing good to people, just like we do in every other part of life.

    watching multiple ideas on the internet about how the world will end does not make us better Christians, so we try to use the time instead studying the Bible and going to church (when we can!)

    the very best way to understand the end of the world is to attend a Coptic orthodox 'apocalypse night' service from late evening on Good Friday till the morning of Bright Saturday.

    hopefully we can do this next year (doing it on line was not quite so good, although i kept texting a friend who was watching it with me, which helped).

  • You are correct.
  • @minatasgeel @italiancoptic @mabsoota I appreciate your answers, however,

    1) When I said the 'end times', I meant the beginning of the end or more specifically the time that would come before the second coming as mentioned in revelations
    2) I am not reading incorrect teachings, I was actually reading revelations and being the person I am, I like to think outside the box and relate to what is happening to modern day
    3) You are right, watching multiple ideas on the internet will not make us better Christians but this was more just out of interest not out of that former idea 

    I wanted to elicit a response that was more contemplative, like its not 'right' or 'wrong', its just a thought, I think its interesting to read scripture and be able to relate it to modern day (although that is definitely not the only reason to read the Bible) :)
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    Dear @Constantance,
    In my church education I came to learn that the faithful will go astray in the end of times before Israel is brought to the belief in Christ as the true God as supported by many interpreters. Now I don't know if that answers the question but being an Egyptian Orthodox that means that this is what I see happening to Egypt in those days. What @mabsoota has already said hits the nail right on the head and I think you agree that we watch out for our individual end times rather than the earth's..
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  • @Ophadece
    What you said about church education reminds me of “The Apocalypse of Samuel” or
    “The Revelations of Samuel of El-Qualamon”...
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    Dear @Jojo_Hanna,
    I have not read the reference you are referring to but that is what I have been taught in Sunday school. Whether the interpretation is correct or not is only in the knowledge of God.. May He have mercy on all His people..
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