Psalia's for 50 Days

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Hi all I was wondering if anyone could help me. I urgently need the text of the Adam and Vatos Psali's for the Resurrection in eng/ara (I have coptic) and for Ascension and Pentecost in Copt/eng/ara. Whatever you can give me or any help/advice is greatly appreciated.

Also in an effort to make a complete hymns pamphlet for the Holy 50 days i.e. not just resurrection but easter monday, Thomas Sunday, Ascension and Pentecost if anybody can offer me any texts is arabic that would be great as I have most in eng/copt. This pamphlet is for church use only and not being sold so please do not think I am taking liberties in requesting these texts for free. When this pamphlet is finished of course it will be distributed free online!


  • here u go with the coptic txt for the adam/watos psali's for ascension and pentecost. U may want to recheck the spelling, especially genkems etc.

    Psali watos for pentecost:

    [coptic]Apen=o=c I=yc P=,[email protected] pennou] `n`aly;[email protected] afouwnh `nnef-`[email protected] menenca tef-`anactacic `aly;wc.
    Bonou afnifi `[email protected] qen pouho ouoh pejaf [email protected] je na`cnyou [i nwten de [email protected] `nou`pneuma efouab `mvoou.
    Ge gar pejaf [email protected] ny`ete-tenna,a `nounobi nwou `[email protected] ce,y nwou `ebol ouoh [email protected] `mmwou eu`etah-no `mmwou.
    Dikewc `etafjwk `[email protected] `nje `psai `nte ][email protected] afouwrp `mPi=p=na `nte ]me;[email protected] af`i `epecyt `ejwou.
    Eumosi `ebolqen oujom `[email protected] ouoh afouonhf `erwou aly;[email protected] `m`vry] `nhanlac `n`,rwm euvys `[email protected] `nje Pi=p=na `mparaklyton.
    Zeos `anon hwn [email protected] kata `vry] `etaujotou `nje ni`gravy =e=;[email protected] je menenca tef`analum-'ic aly;[email protected] afouwrp `mPi=p=na =e=;u.
    Yppe af`i `ejen nenio] `n`[email protected] `n;wou eusop qen `;bahmi `nte [email protected] eujoust `ebol qa`thy `n][email protected] `ete P=o=c naouorpc nwou gar de on.
    :elyl `w nipictoc nem ni`[email protected] ouoh `ntenersai qen ousai `[email protected] qen `psai `n][email protected] afouwrp `m=p=na `mparaklyton.
    Ic Pi=p=na `nte ]covi`[email protected] Pi=p=na `nte pika]@ Pi=p=na `nte ][email protected] Pi=p=na =e=;u `mparaklyton pe.
    Ke palin aucaji qen ]acpi `nna `[email protected] nem `;lali`a `[email protected] auouwnh `mP=,=c piaidi`[email protected] ouoh `p`wou `ntef-`anactacic kalwc.
    Loipon afouwrp `mPi=p=na `[email protected] vye;nyou `ebol qen [email protected] af`i `ejen ni`[email protected] au`iri `nhannis] `n`hmot.
    Mvoou nem hanjom qen [email protected] Pi=p=na afouwrp [email protected] nem pi`sbe qen [email protected] au-hiwis qen nie;noc.
    Ni`apoctoloc aujoc nan `[email protected] tenaiai qen `vran `[email protected] pennou] `anon [email protected] ouoh an`ohi `eraten aly;wc.
    Xeritwc Iwyl aferme;[email protected] ouoh ec`eswpi menenca [email protected] ouoh ]navwn Pa=p=na|@ `ejen carx niben qen oume;myi.
    Ouoh eu`eer`provyteuin de [email protected] `nje netensyri nem [email protected] ouoh netenqelloi qen hanracou`i [email protected] eu`everracou`i ouoh netenqelsiri.
    Palin eu`enau `ehanhoracic aly;[email protected] ke gar ]navwn `ebolqen [email protected] `ejen na`cnyou ni`[email protected] ouoh ei`e] `nna`svyri qen `tve.
    Rytwc tenhwc `[email protected] maren-]wou naf ouoh `ntenws `ebol enjw `[email protected] je `pouro `nni`ewn piat`[email protected] matoubo `mpen-lac nem pennouc.
    Ce Pennyb swpi [email protected] matoubo `mpenrwmi [email protected] `ariten `nem1`psa [email protected] `mpi-`hmot `mPi=p=na `mparaklyton.
    Tenouwst `mViwt `naga;[email protected] nem pefsyri I=yc P=,[email protected] nem Pi=p=na `[email protected] }`triac =e=;u `n`omooucioc.
    U=c :=c `analum'yc `[email protected] axiton [email protected] `agiwn [email protected] ,aric`amenoc `ymwn.,
    Vyet`iri `nhan`[email protected] I=yc P=,=c [email protected] af] nan `nouhyt `[email protected] nem oucwma nem ou=p=na `mberi.
    <w Daniyl ouoh [email protected] qen pi`cmot pimah `[email protected] `efoni `nousyri `nnou]@ I=yc P=,=c `pouro `nte `p`wou.
    "wtyr `mpikocmoc af] [email protected] `1nouentoly `mberi ai] `mmoc [email protected] hina `ntetenmenre neten`[email protected] kata `vry] `etai,w `mmoc nwten,.
    W Pen=o=c I=yc P=,[email protected] `areh `e`pwnq `[email protected] peniwt abba (...: piar,y`[email protected] matajrof hijen pef`;ronoc.
    Eswp ansaner...[/coptic]

    Psali Adam for pentecost:

    [coptic]AP=,=c Pennou]@ `pouro `nte ni`[email protected] `t`apar,y `mpencw]@ afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Bon niben ce]`wou [email protected] `w piouro `n`[email protected] ceouwst [email protected] Pi=p=na `mparaklyton.
    Ge gar ni`[email protected] qen `;bahmi `nte [email protected] afouonhf `erwou `aly;[email protected] afouwrp `mpi-paraklyton.
    Dikewc afjoc [email protected] e;be [email protected] `etafiri `[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Ejen ni`[email protected] auhiwis `[email protected] euws `ebol eujw `[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Zeos au]`[email protected] `nje [email protected] qen `vran `[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Yppe ni`[email protected] au]`cbw `[email protected] au]wmc `nnie;[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    :elyl ni`[email protected] nem [email protected] je [email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    I=yc P=,[email protected] afsenaf `[email protected] `ejen `nni`[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Ke gar [email protected] e;be [email protected] pahyt ef`[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    :elyl `w [email protected] tenersai `[email protected] nem ni`[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Marenhwc [email protected] `eP=,=c vyetaf;[email protected] Pa=o=c I=yc P=,[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Ni`[email protected] nem [email protected] aucaji e;be [email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Xmarwout `aly;[email protected] ten]ho nahmen `[email protected] pe peklaoc `[email protected] afouwrp `mpi-paraklyton.
    Ou`wou [email protected] nem pekiwt `n`[email protected] `kerhou`o `[email protected] Pi=p=na `mparaklyton.
    P=,=c [email protected] pi;ucauroc `nte ni`aga;[email protected] Pi=p=na =e=;[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Rasi `w [email protected] `nousai `[email protected] je I=yc P=,[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Ce ten]ho `[email protected] ek`enoujq `[email protected] `[email protected] af-ouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Tote ek`[email protected] ek1`erwqi `mmon de [email protected] en`eoubas `ehote ou,[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    U=c :=c nai [email protected] ek`esenhyt [email protected] kata peknis] `[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    Vouwini `[email protected] afer-ouwini `[email protected] I=yc [email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    <ouab `,ouab `,[email protected] axion ke [email protected] nem Pekiwt e;[email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    "epi `[email protected] qen ou-aly;[email protected] `areh `erwou [email protected] afouwrp `mpiparaklyton.
    W pennyb P=,[email protected] `ari`vmeu`i `[email protected] peniwt abba (...:@ piar,y`epickopoc.
    Loipon ansan...[/coptic]

    Psali Watos Ascension:

    [coptic]Ainahwc `erok P=o=c qen [email protected] nem ouhiryny nem oume;[email protected] je `n;ok pe [email protected] ouoh piref]hap `mmyi.
    Bon `nnibal `nte paka]@ eu`ecaji qen nek`[email protected] je ak`iri `noucw]@ akouwnh `ebol `nnek`hbyou`i.
    Genoc niben `[email protected] euhwc `etek`[email protected] nem pejinse `e`pswi `enivyou`[email protected] eunah] a[ne canic.
    Dauid `pouro `[email protected] afjw `mmoc icjen [email protected] je afwlf `ejen Ni,[email protected] afhalai `ejen ni;iou.
    E`slylou`i `ebol `[email protected] niar,y nem ni`exouci`[email protected] ni`;ronoc nem [email protected] nijom je qen ou=al.
    Zeontoc qen ou`aly;i`[email protected] afse-naf `e`pswi `enivyou`[email protected] afere,-malwteuin `nhane,malwci`[email protected] af] `nhantaio `nnirwmi.
    Ydeon ten`cmou `[email protected] nem `ntagma `na;nau `[email protected] ouoh tenouwst `[email protected] nem ny`etounau `erwou.
    :elyl `mV] qen han`[email protected] `nte oume;myi nem [email protected] je afsenaf `e`pswi `e`[email protected] `nte `tve ca nimansai.
    Iwannyc pi;[email protected] afjoc qen [email protected] je ainau `pouro P=,[email protected] afsenaf `eouranoc.
    Ke palin peniwt [email protected] af-tamon `ebol qen [email protected] je af-senaf `[email protected] `aniaggeloc ouwst `mmof.
    Loukac picyini `[email protected] af`cqai qen ni`[email protected] je vai pe I=yc qen oume;[email protected] afsenaf sa tef-taxic.
    Markoc pi;eo`[email protected] af-ouwnh nan `mpai`[email protected] je afsenaf `aly;[email protected] afhemci caou`inam `mpefiwt.
    Nijom tyrou `nte nivyou`[email protected] auhitou `e`qryi auouwst `[email protected] na nivyou`i nem na `[email protected] qen han`cmou auhwc `erof.
    X`cmarwout `w [email protected] pi`;myi qen tef`[email protected] va piersisi nem pi[[email protected] piref]hap qen ]`kricic.
    Ou`wou nak qen ousep`[email protected] `w pinou] `n`aly;[email protected] je akouwrp `mpek`[email protected] `ejen nek-`apoctoloc.
    Pi=p=na `[email protected] `m`vry] `nhanlac `n`,[email protected] qen ]bahmi `nte [email protected] afmahwou `ebol qen tefjom.
    Ran niben au`emi `[email protected] nivuly niacpi `[email protected] nyethyt aucaji `[email protected] hiten `e`tjom `n}`triac.
    Cwtem `e`pcaji `[email protected] pi`provytyc [email protected] `nte na `pyi `[email protected] `ejen pai`ehoou et`cmarwout.
    Tqa`e `nte ni`[email protected] ]najws `ebol `[email protected] `ejen carx niben `etai;ami`[email protected] ei`eouwnh `ebol `nnika;artwma.
    Umnologi`a niben `n`[email protected] ten-ouwrp `mmwou harok [email protected] kata `pcaji `mpi;[email protected] Dauid pi`provytyc.
    Vyethemci hijen Ni,[email protected] ouonk `ebol `mpe`m;o `[email protected] nem Manaccy nem [email protected] matounoc tekjom `amou `e-`vnahmen.
    <ouab `,ouab `,[email protected] `w piouro `n`[email protected] nem pek=p=na =e=;[email protected] pi;ucauroc `nte ni`aga;on.
    "wtyr `nte ouon [email protected] ouoh `vref] `m`[email protected] `amou swpi `[email protected] Psyri `mV] etonq.
    Wou`nhyt `ejen [email protected] `w pimonogenyc `nnou]@ vy`etaf-ernobi `[email protected] `ari`hmot naf `mpicw].
    W Pen=o=c I=yc P=,[email protected] `ari`vmeu`i `nnenio] `n`[email protected] nem nimona,oc nem nidi`[email protected] nem `pcepi `mpeklaoc `mpictoc.
    Eswp ansaner...[/coptic]

    Psali Adam Ascension

    [coptic]Ari'alin [email protected] qen handoxologi`[email protected] `nI=yc P=,[email protected] va ]exouci`a.
    Bon niben ce [email protected] `epiat`[email protected] Pen=c=wr [email protected] pia;nau `erof.
    Ge gar [email protected] `m`vry] `mpai-`[email protected] afsenaf `[email protected] `nje `pouro `nte `pwou.
    Dauid gar [email protected] qen ou`cmy `[email protected] ari'alin `eP=,[email protected] qen hanhumnoc.
    E;be [email protected] `etaf`iri `[email protected] `nje `pouro `nni`[email protected] afcaji nemwou.
    Zews [email protected] afcaji nem nef`[email protected] menenca ]`[email protected] efjw `mmoc.
    Yppe je [email protected] teten en,ai `[email protected] af] naf de [email protected] ouoh af[i afouwm.
    :wou] af] [email protected] `noutebt [email protected] nem [email protected] `etaf[i afouwm.
    I=yc qen [email protected] af`cmou `enef`[email protected] acsopf `nje ou[[email protected] afsenaf `eouranoc.
    K=c I=yc `[email protected] `pouro `nte `[email protected] piouwini `nta`[email protected] afsenaf `e`tve.
    Loukac [email protected] qen [email protected] nem Mat;eoc [email protected] nem Markoc de on.
    Mpe `hli [email protected] `e`pswi `e`[email protected] `ebyl `evy`etaf`i `[email protected] `ebol qen `tve.
    Nte `psyri `m`[email protected] pe vyetsop qen `[email protected] I=yc [email protected] I=wa aferme;re.
    Xmarwout aly;[email protected] `w pennyb P=,[email protected] hijen pi`;[email protected] `nte pekwou kalwc.
    Ouoh af`[email protected] sa pi`[email protected] `etafhonhen `[email protected] `nnef-`apoctoloc.
    P=,=c [email protected] menenca tef-`[email protected] afouonhf `[email protected] ouoh afouwm nemwou.
    Rasi `w [email protected] qen `psai `[email protected] af;amion `[email protected] nem noudunamic.
    Cmou `[email protected] `pouro `n-ni`[email protected] af;ami`o `[email protected] kata tefhukwn.
    Tentwbh `[email protected] qen ouhyt [email protected] tenouwrp [email protected] hwc `m=p=natikon.
    U=c :=c `areh `[email protected] `ebolha ni-`[email protected] nem oumou nem [email protected] nem nidiwgmoc.
    Vai pe pi`[email protected] `eta P=o=c ;[email protected] maren;elyl `mmon `[email protected] ouoh `ntenounof.
    <ere ][email protected] nem I=l=y=m nem [email protected] nem pitwou `n`analum'[email protected] nem pitwou `n`kranion.
    "wtyr `[email protected] qen tek-parouci`[email protected] nohem `[email protected] `cmou `etek`klyronomi`a.
    W Pen=o=c I=yc P=,[email protected] senhyt qa [email protected] `areh `erwou aly;[email protected] qen piparadicoc.
    Loipon ansan...[/coptic]
  • THANK YOU very much! seriously I appreciate it. Now all I need is the eng/ara for the psalis and ara for all 50 days hymns. Once again thank you.
  • ur welcome, i actually have the arabic psali's on my computer (resurrection, pentecost and ascension) but it was written in a rush, so if u have someone who can give it a good recheck i can post it for u.

    btw, if u know a way to get this on i'm sure they'll appreciate it cause i know they werent on that site ;)
  • Your write they weren't on that site. I will mail them with you permission?

    With regard to any arabic you have, if you send it to me I will obviously get it checked properly.

    Thanks for all your help!
  • ya u can mail them for sure, i ow those guys a lot cause all those coptic txt have been extremely helpfull for loads of projects for our church.

    i'll send u the arabic 2morrowz cause i'm on another computer rite now and i have to go now.

    btw: do u happen to have access to the txt's of the additional psali's for lent (arabic and coptic). I've seen an amazing .pdf file on if i'm correct, but the pdf is only for printing. Now obviously i wont be competing cause i will remove the english and add the dutch in this case, so if anybody has information bout this, it's very welcome ;D

    link to the Lent psalmody:
  • (ÃÈÕÇáíå æÇØÓ ÊÞÇá Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáÞíÇãå )

    ÍÞÇ äÄãä äÍä ÇáÔÚÈ ÇáÇÑËæÐæßÓì Ãä ãáß ÇáÏåæÑ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ãä ÇáÇãæÇÊ . ÝÑÍÇ æÊåáíáÇ ÃÚØÇåãÇ áäÇ Çááå .áÇä ãáßäÇ ÚãÇäæÆíá .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ãä ÇáÇãæÇÊ .ßá ÌäÓ ÇáÈÔÑ ÌãíÚ ØÑÞåã ãÓÊÞíãå . áÃä Çáßáãå ãÍÈ ÇáÈÔÑ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÏÇæÏ ãáß ÇÓÑÇÆíá ÞÇá Ýì ÇáãÒãæÑ ÞÏ ÞÇã Çááå ÈÊåáíá ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ãä ÃÌá ÇáÞíÇãå ÇáãÞÏÓå ÓÈÍæÇ æåááæÇ æÑÊáæÇ æÈÔÑæÇ ãÚÇ Ýì ÇáÇãã .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÓÈÚ ØÛãÇÊ ÇáãáÇÆßå ÊÓÈÍå ÑæÍíÇ ãä ÃÌá ÎáÇÕ ÇáÚÇáã ÇáãÓíÌ ÞÇã ãä ÇáÇãæÇÊ ....ÇÁíá åæ ÃÈä Çááå äÓÈÍå ÈÇáãæÓíÞì áÂäå ÎáÕ ÌäÓäÇ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...Êåáá íÇ ÌäÓ ÂÏã ÈÝÑÍ ÑæÍì áÃä ÎÇáÞ ÂÏã ÇáäÓíÍ ÞÇã ...åÇ ÇáÈÑíå ÊÝÑÍ ãÚÇ ãä ÃÌá åÐÇ ÇáÓÑ áÃä ÃÈä ÇáÞÏæÓ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ....äÓÈÍ ÇáÑÈ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÃÈä Çááå Çáßáãå ÞÇÆáíä ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã .....æÖÚ ÃíÖÇ Ýì ÇáÞÈÑ ÍÓÈ ÇáÇÎÈÇÑ ÇáäÈæíå æÝì Çáíæã ÇáËÇáË .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÝáäÝåã ÇáÇäÌíá ÃíåÇ ÇáÔÚæÈ ÇáÐì ÞÇá Ãä ÛíÑ ÇáãÇÆÊ .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ßá ÇáØÛãÇÊ ÇáÓãÇÆíå æÇáØÈÇÆÚ ÇáÚÞáíå ÊÚÌÈÊ ãä ÃÚãÇáß .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...æÈÇáßËÑ ÃÚãÇáß æÃÍßÇãß ÇáãÚÌÒå áÃäß ÃäÊ åæ ãáß ÇáÓãæÇÊ .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ....ÃÓã ÇáÇÝÊÎÇÑ åæ ÃÓãß íÇ ÃÈä Çááå ãÍÈ ÇáÈÔÑ äÄãä ÈÛíÑ Ôß .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ....ÇáæÇÍÏ ãä ÇáËÇáæË Çáßáãå ÇáÐÇÊì ÃÈä Çááå ÇáÍÞíÞì ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÝãäÇ ÃãÊáà ÝÑÍÇ æÓÑæÑÇ áÇíÞÇÓ áÇä ØÈíÈ ÇáãÑÖì ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÃÓãÚæÇ íÇÃÍÈÇÆì ÇáÐíä ÃÎÐæÇ ÇáæÕíå ãä ÃÌá ÞíÇãå ÃÈä Çááå ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...äÄãä ÈÛíÑ Ôß ÈåÐÇ ÇáÇãÑ ÇáÓÑì ÇÁä ÃáÃÈä ÇáæÍíÏ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...åæÐÇ ÌãíÚ ÇáÇäÈíÇÁ ÊäÈÃæÇ ÃíÖÇ Ãä ãáß ÌãíÚ Çáãáæß . ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...Ãáå ÇáÃäÈíÇÁ æÇáÃÈÑÇÑ æÇáÕÏÞíä åæ ÇáÓíÏ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÞÏæÓ ÃíåÇ ÇáÑÈ ÞÏæÓ ÞÏæÓ ÇáÃä æÇáì ÇáÏåæÑ áÃäß ÇäÊ ÃÈä ÇáÞÏæÓ .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...äÄãä Èßá ÞáæÈäÇ ÈÃä ÃáåäÇ ÇáÍÞíÞì ãÎáÕ ÇáÚáã ßáå .ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÂíåÇ ÇáßÇÆä ÞÈá ÇáÇÈÇÏ æÎÇáÞ ÇáÏåæÑ äÓÈÍß Çáì ÇáÃÈÇÏ . ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã ...ÃÐÇ ãÇ ÑÊáäÇ ÝáäÞá ÈÍáÇæå íÇ ÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇÁÕäÚ ãÚäÇ ÑÍãå ãÚ äÝæÓäÇ . ÇáãÌÏ ááÃÈ ...ÇáÃä ...

    (ÇÈÕÇáíå ÂÏÇã ÊÞÇá Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáÞíÇãå æÇáÎãÓíä )

    ÑÊáæÇ Çáíæã ÈÕæÊ ÇáÝÑÍ áÂä ãáß ÇáãÌÏ . íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÏ ÞÇã . ßá íÓÈÍ ÈÕæÊ ÛíÑ ÓÇßÊ áÇä Çááå Çáßáãå . íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÏ ÞÇã . áÂäå åæ ÇáåäÇ Íãá Çááå åáãæÇ äÓÌÏ áå íÓæÚ ... ÇáÓíÏ ãÇÊ ÈÇáÌÓÏ æÏÝä æÝì Çáíæã ÇáËÇáË .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...ÝáäÓÈÍå ãÚ ÇáãáÇÆßå ÚãÇäæÆíá Çáßáãå .íÓæÚ ...ßá ÇáØÛãÇÊ ÇáÓÈÚ ÊÓÌÏ áå ÕÇÑÎå ßá Ííä .íÓæÚ ...åæÐÇ ÃÈæäÇ ÂÏã ÝÑÍ æÌÐá ãÚ ÃÈíäÇ ÇÁÈÑÇåíã .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...åÇ Ãä ÇáÑÓá ÑÃæÇ æÝÑÍæÇ æßÑÒæÇ Ýì ÇáÚÇáã .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ... æÃíÖÇ ÍÇãáÇÊ ÇáØíÈ ÙåÑ áåä ÇáãáÇß ÞÇÆáÇ áíÓ åæ ååäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...Êåááì ÃíÊåÇ ÇáÚÐÑÇÁ ãÑíã Ãã ÇáÝÑÍ áÂä ÇÁÈäß ÈÇáÍÞíÞå íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÇã...áæÞÇ ÇáÍßíã æíæÍäÇ ÍÈíÈå íÈÔÑæä ÌíÏÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...ãÈÇÑß ÃäÊ ÃíåÇ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇáäæÑ ÛíÑ ÇáãÝÍæÕ åáãæÇ ÝáäÓÈÍå íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ... æÎáÕ ÔÚÈå ãä ÃÈáíÓ ÈÐÑÇÚå .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...ÈÇáÍÞíÞå äÓÈÍ ÇáåäÇ ÇáÍãá ÇáÍÞíÞì íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ... ÃÍÑÓäÇ íÇ ÇÁáåäÇ ãä ÇáÛÔ . íÇ ÓíÏäÇ ÇÁÈä Çááå .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...Õåíæä æÃæÑÔáíã Çáíæã ÊÝÑÍÇä ãÚ ÇÑÖ äÝÊÇáíã.íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...äÓÈÍå æäÈÇÑßå æäÎÏãå æäÓÌÏ áå íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ...ÇÁä Çááå ãáßäÇ ãÇÊ æÏÝä æÈÚÏ ËáÇËå ÃíÇã . íÓæÚ ...åÐÇ åæ Çáíæã ÇáÐì ÕäÚå ÇááÑÈ ÝáäÊåáá Çáíæã . íÓæÚ . ...ÇáÓáÇã ááÞíÇãå æÇáÞÈÑ æÇáÏã ÇáÐì ÓÝßå ÇáæÍíÏ .íÓæÚ ... ÇáäÝæÓ äíÍåÇ Ýì ãÓßä ÇáÝÑÍ ãä ÃÌá Ããß Çáãáßå .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ . íÇ ãä ÊÃáã æÃÈØá ÇáãæÊ ÃÑÍãäÇ íÇãáß ÇáÏåæÑ .íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÞÏ ÞÇã . æÃíÖÇ ÃÐÇ ÃÌÊãÚäÇ ááÕáÇå ÝáäÈÇÑß ÇÓã ÑÈì íÓæÚ . áÃääÇ äÈÇÑßß íÇÑÈì íÓæÚ äÌäÇ ÈÃÓãß áÃääÇ ÊæßáäÇ Úáíß . áßì äÓÈÍß ãÚ ÇÈíß ÇáÕÇáÍ æÇáÑæÍ ÇáÞÏÓ áÃäß ÃÊíÊ æÎáÕÊäÇ ÃáãÌÏ ááÃÈ ..ÇáÂä ..

    ÊÞÇá ÃÈÕÇáíå ÇáÕÚæÏ ÈÚÏ ÃÈÕÇáíå ÇáÞíÇãå
    ßÐáß ÊÞÇá ÃÈÕÇáíå ÇáÚäÕÑå ÈÚÏ ÃÈÕÇáíå ÇáÞíÇãå

    ÃÈÕÇáíå æÇØÓ ÊÞÇá ãä ÚíÏ ÇáÕÚæÏ Çáì ÚíÏ ÇáÚäÕÑå

    ÃÓÈÍß íÇÑÈ ÈÇáÑÍãå æÇáÓáÇãå æÈÍÞ áÂäß ÃäÊ åæ ÇáãÎáÕ æÇáÏíÇä ÇáÍÞíÞì . ßá ÃÚíä Ýåãì ÊäØÞ ÈÚÌÇÆÈß áÃäß ÕäÚÊ ÎáÇÕÇ æÃÙåÑÊ ÃÚãÇáß . ßá ÃÌäÇÓ ÇáÈÔÑ ÊÓÈÍ ÞíÇãÊß æÕÚæÏß Çáì ÇáÓãæÇÊ æÊÄãä ÈÛíÑ Ôß . ÏÇæÏ ãáß ÃæÑÔáíã ÞÇá ãäÐ ÒãÇä Ãäå ÑßÈ Úáì ÇáÔÇÑæÈíã æØÇÑ Úáì ÇáÑíÇÍ . åááì ááÑÈ ÃíÊåÇ ÇáÑÆÇÓÇÊ æÇáÓáØÇÊ æÇáßÑÇÓì æÇáÓíÇÏÇÊ æÇáÞæÇÊ ÞÇÆáå ÇááíáæíÇ .äÚã ÍÞÇ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãæÇÊ æÓÈì ÓÈíÇ æÃÚØì ÇáäÇÓ ßÑÇãÇÊ .æÃíÖÇ äÈÇÑßß ãÚ ÇáØÛãÇÊ ÛíÑ ÇáãÑÆíå æäÓÌÏ áß ãÚ ÇáãÑÆíä . åááæÇ ááå ÈÃÕæÇÊ ÇáÍÞ æÇáÑÍãå ÞÇÆáíä ÕÚÏ Çáì ÓãÇÁ ÇáÓãÇÁ äÇÍíå ÇáãÔÇÑÞ .íæÍäÇ ÇáäÇØÞ ÈÇáÇáåíÇÊ ÞÇá Ýì ÃäÌíáå Çäì ÑÃíÊ Çáãáß ÇáãÓíÍ ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãæÇÊ . æÃíÖÇ ÃÈæäÇ ÈØÑÓ ÃÚáãäÇ ãä Ýãå Ãäå ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ æÓÌÏÊ áå ÇáãáÇÆßå áæÞÇ ÇáØÈíÈ ÇáÍÞíÞì ßÊÈ Ýì ÇáÇÚãÇá Ãä åÐÇ åæ íÓæÚ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå ÕÚÏ Çáì ÝæÞ Çáì ÑÊÈÊå .ãÑÞÓ ÇáäÇÙÑ ÇáÇÁáå ÃÙåÑ áäÇ åÐÇ ÇáÔÈå ÞÇÆáÇÕÚÏ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå æÌáÓ Úä íãíä ÇÈíå . ßá ÞæÇÊ ÇáÓãæÇÊ ÎÑæÇ æÓÌÏæÇ áå ÇáÓãÇÆíæä æÇáÇÑÖíæä ÓÈÍæå ÈÇáÈÑßÇÊ . ãÈÇÑß ÃäÊ ÃíåÇ Çáãáß Ýì ÎáíÞÊå ÕÇÍÈ ÇáÓáØÇä æÇáÛáÈå ÇáÞÇÖì Ýì ÇáÏíäæäå . áß ÇáãÌÏ ÈÇáÔßÑ ÃíåÇ ÇáÇÁáå ÇáÍÞíÞì áÃäß ÃÑÓáÊ äÚãÊß Úáì ÑÓáß .ÇáÑæÍ ÇáÚÒì ãËá ÃáÓäå äÇÑ Ýì Úáíå Õåíæä ãáÃåã ãä ÞæÊå ÚÑÝæÇ ßá ÇáÃÓãÇÁ æÇáÞÈÇÆá æáÛÇÊ ÇáÇáÓä æÊßáãæÇ ÈÇáÎÝíÇÊ ãä ÞÈá Þæå ÇáËÇáæË .ÇÁÓãÚæÇ Þæá íæÆíá ÇáäÈì ÇáãßÑã Âá ÈíÊ ÇÁÓÑÇÆíá Úä åÐÇ Çáíæã ÇáãÈÇÑß Ýì ÃÎÑ ÇáÇíÇã ÃÓßÈ ãä ÑæÍì Úáì ßá ÌÓÏ ÎáÞÊå æÃÙåÑ ÇáãÚÌÒÇÊ . ßá ÊãÌíÏ æÊÓÈíÍ äÑÓáå ÇÁáíß ãÚÇ ßÞæá ÇááÇÈÓ ÇáÇáå ÏÇæÏ ÇáäÈì ÇáØÇåÑ . ÃíåÇ ÇáÌÇáÓ Úáì ÇáÔÇÑæÈíã ÃÙåÑ ÃãÇã ÃÝÑÂã æãäÓì æÈäíÇãíä ÃÞã ÞæÊß æåáã áÎáÇÕäÇ . ÞÏæÓ ÞÏæÓ ÞÏæÓ ÃíåÇ Çáãáß ÇáÓãÇæì ãÚ ÑæÍß ÇáÞÏæÓ ßäÒ ÇáÎíÑÇÊ .íÇ ãÎáÕ ÇáÌãíÚ æãÚØì ÇáÍíÇå åáã æÍá ÈíäÇ íÇ ÃÈä Çááå ÇáÍì . ÊÃäì Úáì ÚÈÏß ÃíåÇ ÇáæÍíÏ ÇáÐì ÃÎØà Çáíß ÃäÚã áå ÈÇáÎáÇÕ . íÇÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÃÐßÑ ÂÈÇÆäÇ ÇáÂÓÇÞÝå æÇáÑåÈÇä æÇáÔãÇãÓå æÓÇÆÑ ÔÚÈß ÇáãÄãä . ÃÐÇ ãÇ ÑÊáäÇ ÝáäÞá ÈÍáÇæå íÇÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇÕäÚ ãÚäÇ ÑÍãå ãÚ äÝæÓäÇ .ÇáãÌÏ ááÇÈ ...ÇáÃä ...

    ÃÈÕÇáíå ÂÏÇã ÊÞÇá Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáÕÚæÏ

    ÑÊáæÇ ÍÓäÇ ÈÊãÇÌíÏ áíÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ Ðì ÇáÓáØÇä . ÇáÌãíÚ íÓÈÍæä ÇáÛíÑ ÇáãÏÑß ãÎáÕäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáÛíÑ ÇáãÑÆ . áÂäå ÍÞÇ Ýì ãËá åÐÇ Çáíæã ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ ãáß ÇáãÌÏ . ÞÇá ÏÇæÏ ÈÕæÊ ÇáÈæÞ ÑÊáæÇ ááãÓíÍ ÈÊÓÇÈíÍ . ãä ÃÌá ÇáÂÓÑÇÑ ÇáÊì ÕäÚåÇ ãáß ÇáÏåæÑ Êßáã ÃíÖÇ ãÚåã . ßËíÑÇ ãÇ Êßáã ÇáÇÈä ÇáæÍíÏ ãÚ ÑÓáå ÈÚÏ ÇáÞíÇãå ÞÇÆáÇ : åá íæÌÏ ÚäÏßã ÔÆ íÄßá ÝÃÚØæå ÃíÖÇ æÃÎÐ æÃßá æÇÌÊãÚæÇ æÃÚØæå ÓãßÇ ãÔæíÇ æÔåÏÇ ÝÃÎÐ æÃßá . íÓæÚ ÈÓáØÇäå ÈÇÑß ÑÓáå æÃÎÐÊå ÓÍÇÈå æÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ . ÇáÑÈ íÓæÚ ÇáÍÞíÞì ãáß ÇáÓãÇÁ ÇáäæÑ ÇáÍÞíÞì ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ . ÞÇá áæÞÇ Ýì ÇáÇäÌíá ãÚ ãÊì æãÑÞÓ ÃíÖÇ . áíÓ ÃÍÏ ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ ÇÁáÇ ÇáÐì äÒá ãä ÇáÓãÇÁ . ÇÁÈä ÇáÈÔÑ ÇáÓÇßä Ýì ÇáÓãÇÁ íÓæÚ ÇáãÏÈÑ æÔåÏ íæÍäÇ . ãÈÇÑß ÃäÊ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå ÃíåÇ ÇáÓíÏ ÇáãÓíÍ Úáì ßÑÓì ãÌÏß ÍÓäÇ . æÚáã ÑÓáå Çáì Çáíæã ÇáÐì ÃãÑåã Ýíå . ÇáãÓíÍ ãáßäÇ ÈÚÏ ÞíÇãÊå ÙåÑ áåã æÃßá ãÚåã . ÃÝÑÍæÇ ÃíåÇ ÇáãÄãäæä Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáæÍíÏ ÇáÐì ÎáÞ ÇáÓãÇÁ æÌäÏåÇ ÓÈÍæÇ áãÍÈ ÇáÈÔÑ ãáß ÇáÏåæÑ ÇáÐì ÎáÞ ÇáÇäÓÇä ßÕæÑÊå . äØáÈ ãäß ÈÞáÈ ãÓÊÞíã æäÑÓá ÇÁáíß ÊÓÇÈíÍ ÑæÍíå íÇÃÈä Çááå ÇÁÍÝÙäÇ ãä ÇáÛáÇÁ æÇáãæÊ æÇáÒáÇÒá æÇáÇÖØåÇÏ .åÐÇ åæ Çáíæã ÇáÐì ÕäÚå ÇáÑÈ ÝáäÝÑÍ æäÊåáá Ýíå . ÇáÓáÇã ááÞíÇãå íÇÃæÑÔáíã æÕåíæä æÌÈá ÇáÕÚæÏ æÌÈá ÇáÃÞÑÇäíæä . íÇãÎáÕ ÇáÚÇáã Ýì ÙåæÑß ÎáÕ ÔÚÈß æÈÇÑß ãíÑÇËß íÇÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÊÍää Úáì ÔÚÈß æÃÍÝÙåã ÈÇáÍÞíÞå Ýì ÇáÝÑÏæÓ . ÇÁÐÇ ãÇ ÃÌÊãÚäÇ ÇáÎ ...

    ÃÈÕÇáíå æÇØÓ áÚíÏ ÇáÚäÕÑå

    ÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇÁáåäÇ ÇáÍÞíÞì ÙåÑ áÑÓáå ÈÚÏ ÞíÇãÊå ÍÞÇ .æÃíÖÇ äÝÎ Ýì æÌæååã æÞÇá áåã íÇÃÎæÊì ÇÞÈáæÇ ÇáÑæÍ ÇáÞÏÓ Çáíæã . æáÃäå ÞÇá áåã ãä ÛÝÑÊã áåã ÎØÇíÇåã ÛÝÑÊ áåã æãä ÃãÓßÊãæåÇ Úáíåã ÃãÓßÊ . ÍÞÇ áãÇ ßãá ÚíÏ ÇáÎãÓíä ÃÑÓá ÑæÍ ÇáÍÞ ÝåÈØ Úáíåã . æÓÇÑæÇ ãä Þæå Çáì Þæå æÙåÑ áåã ÍÞÇ æÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì ãËá ÃáÓäå äÇÑ ãäÞÓãå Úáíåã . æßËíÑÇ äÍä ÃíÖÇäÞæá ßãÇ ÞÇáÊ ÇáßÊÈ ÇáãÞÏÓå Ãäå ÍÞÇ ÈÚÏ ÕÚæÏå ÃÑÓá ÇáÑæÍ ÇáÞÏÓ . åæÐÇ ÃÊì Úáì ÂÈÇÆäÇ ÇáÑÓá æåã ÈÚáíå Õåíæä íäÊÙÑæä ÇáÞæå ÇáÊì íÑÓáåÇ áåã ÇáÑÈ . ÊåááæÇ ÃíåÇ ÃáãÄãäæä ãÚ ÇáÑÓá æáäÚíÏ ÚíÏÇ ÑæÍíÇ Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáÈäØÞÓØì ÍÞÇ áÃäå ÃÑÓá ÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì .åÇ ÑæÍ ÇáÍßãå ÑæÍ ÇáÝåã ÑæÍ ÇáÞæå åæ ÇáÑæÍ ÇáÞÏÓ ÇáãÚÒì . æÃíÖÇ äØÞæÇ ÈáÛÇÊ ÇáÓãÇÆíä æÊåáíá ÇáãáÇÆßå æÃÚÊÑÝæÇ ÈÇáãÓíÍ ÇáÐÇÊì æãÌÏ ÞíÇãÊå ÍÓäÇ æÃíÖÇ ÃÑÓá ÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì ÇáãäÈËÞ ãä ÇáÇÈ ÝÍá Úáì ÇáÑÓá æÕäÚæÇ äÚãÇ ÚÙíãå . Çáíæã æÞæÇÊ æÞæÇÊ Ýì ÇáÔÚæÈ ÃÑÓá ÇáÑæÍ ÍÓäÇ ãÚ ÇáÓÈÚíä Ýì ÇáÚÇáã æßÑÒæÇ Ýì ÇáÇãã . ÇáÑÓá ÞÇáæÇ áäÇ äÍä Ãä ÊÊãæÇ ÈÇÁÓã ÇáÑÈ ÇÁáåäÇ äÍä ÞãäÇ ææÞÝäÇ ÍÞÇ . æÇáÃßËÑ ÔåÏ íæÆíá æÓíßæä ÈÚÏ åÐå ÂÊì ÃÝíÖ ãä ÑæÍì Úáì ßá ÌÓÏ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå. ÝíÊäÈà ÃíÖÇ Èäæßã æÈäÇÊßã æíÍáã ÔíæÎßã ÃÍáÇãÇ æÃíÖÇ íÑì ÔÈÇäßã . æÃíÖÇ íäÙÑæä ÑÄì ÈÇáÍÞíÞå áÃäì ÃÓßÈ ãä ÑæÍì Úáì ÃÎæÊì ÇáÑÓá æÃÚØì ÚÌÇÆÈ Ýì ÇáÓãÇÁ . ÝáäÓÈÍ ÌåÑÇ æäãÌÏå æäÕÑÎ ÞÇÆáíä íÇ ãáß ÇáÏåæÑ ÇáÛíÑ ÇáãÏÑß ØåÑ áÓÇääÇ æÚÞáäÇ . äÚã íÇ ÓíÏäÇ ßä ãÚäÇ ØåÑ ÇÁäÓÇääÇ ÇáÏÇÎáì æÃÌÚáäÇ ãÓÊÍÞíä ßáäÇ äÚãå ÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì . äÓÌÏ ááÃÈ ÇáÕÇáÍ ãÚ ÃÈäå íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ æÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì ÇáËÇáæË ÇáÇÞÏÓ ÇáãÓÇæì . ÇÁÈä Çááå ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ æÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì ÇáÞÏæÓ æÃäÚã áäÇ ÈÇáÍíÇå . ÇáÕÇäÚ ÇáÚÌÇÆÈ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇáãÏÈÑ ÃÚØäÇ ÞáÈÇ ÌÏíÏÇ æÌÓÏÇ æÑæÍÇ ÌÏíÏÇ . æÖÚ ÏäíÇá æÊßáã Ýì ÇáÔÈå ÇáÑÇÈÚ ÞÇá Ãäå íÔÈå ÃÈä ÇáÇáåå íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ãáß ÇáãÌÏ .ãÎáÕ ÇáÚÇáã ÃÚØÇäÇ æÕíå ÌÏíÏå ÃÚØíÊåÇ áßã áßì ÊÍÈæÇ ÈÚÖßã ÈÚÖÇ ßãÇ ÊÑßÊ áßã . íÇÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇÁÍÝÙ ÍíÇå ÃÈíäÇ ÇáÕÏíÞÃäÈÇ (...) ÑÆíÓ Çáßåäå ËÈÊå Úáì ßÑÓíå . ÇÁÐÇ ãÇ ÑÊáäÇ ...ÃáÎ ....

    ÃÈÕÇáíå ÂÏÇã ÊÞÇá Ýì ÚíÏ ÇáÚäÕÑå

    ÇáãÓíÍ ÇÁáåäÇ ãáß ÇáÏåæÑ æÑÆíÓ ÎáÇÕäÇ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒÚ .Çáßá íãÌÏæäß ÃíåÇ Çáãáß ÇáÓãÇÆì æíÓÌÏæÇ ÃãÇãß ÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì .áÇä ÇáÑÓá Ýì Úáíå Õåíæä ÙåÑ áåã ÍÞÇ æÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÍÞÇ ÞÇá áåã ãä ÃÌá ÇáÇÓÑÇÑ Çáì ÕäÚåÇ æÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì Çáì ÇáÑÓá ÝÈÔÑæäÇ ÕÇÑÎíä ÞÇÆáíä ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . åæÐÇ ÇáÑÓá ÚáãæäÇ æÚãÏæÇ ÃáÂãã ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì æåááæÇ ÃíåÇ ÇáÂäÈíÇÁ ãÚ ÇáÕÏíÞíä áÂä ÇáÓíÏ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÕÚÏ Çáì ÇáÓãÇÁ æÚáì ÇáÑÓá ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . áÇäì ÃÁÐÇ ÊßáãÊ ãä ÃÌá ÃÓÑÇÑß ÈÝÑÍ ÞáÈì ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÊåááæÇ ÃíåÇ ÇáãÄãäæä æáäÚíÏ ÑæÍíÇ ãÚ ÇáÑÓá ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÝáäÓÈÍ ÍÓäÇ ÇáãÓíÍ ÇáÐì ÎáÞäÇ ÑÈäÇ íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÇáÂäÈíÇÁ ãÚ ÇáÕÏÞíä äØÞæÇ ãä ÃÌá ãÓíÇ ÃÑÓá ÃáãÚÒì . ãÈÇÑß ÃäÊ ÈÇáÍÞíÞå äÓÃáß ÎáÕäÇ äÍä ÔÚÈß ÇáãÄãä ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÇáãÌÏ áß ãÚ ÃÈíß ÇáÞÏæÓ ÃäÊ ãÊÒÇíÏ ÈÑßå ÃíåÇ ÇáÑæÍ ÇáãÚÒì . ÇáãÓíÍ ãáßäÇßäÒ ÇáÕáÇÍ æÇáÑæÍ ÇáÞÏÓ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÃÝÑÍæÇ ÃíåÇ ÇáãÄãäæä ÚíÏÇ ÑæÍíÇ áÂä íÓæÚ ÇáãÓíÍ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . äÚã ÇÓÃáß ÊäÖÍ ÚáíäÇ ÈÒæÝß ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì .ÝÍíäÆÐ ÊäÞíäÇ æÊÛÓáäÇ ÃíÖÇ æÊÈíÖ ÃÝÖá ãä ÇáËáÌ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . íÇ ÃÈä Çááå ÇÁÑÍãäÇ æÊÑÇÁÝ ÚáíäÇ ßÚÙíã ÑÍãÊß ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . äæÑ ÓáØÇäß ÃÖÇÁ áäÇ íÇíÓæÚ ãÍÈ ÇáÈÔÑ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì .ÞÏæÓ ÞÏæÓ ÞÏæÓ ãÓÊÍÞ æÚÇÏá ãÚ ÃÈíß ÇáÞÏæÓ ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì . ÈÞíå ÌäÓäÇÈÇáÍÞíÞå ÇÁÍÝÙåã íÇÑÈì ÃÑÓá ÇáãÚÒì .íÇÓíÏäÇ ÇáãÓíÍ ÃÐßÑ ÃÈíäÇ ÇáØæÈÇæì ÃäÈÇ (...) ÑÆíÓ ÇáÂÓÇÞÝå .ÇÁÐÇ ãÇ ÃÌÊãÚäÇ . ÇáÎ ...

  • there u go, just make sure u send me the corrected version, once it's done ;)
  • Thanksvery much!
  • Any chance you could mail me these texts in word doc? or can you educate me. Whenever I copy/paste arabic text it never seems to come out right. It comes out in arabic as I have fonts however sometimes comes backwards or like mirror image lol

    Also with regard to the pamphlet what are the best arabic fonts to have that print well?

    [email protected]
  • personally i have the arabic font installed via windows xp, which means i can switch to any font at any time, so i just choose times new roman on the arabic setting, that usually looks good.

    as for the mirror copying, when i try and copy something from an english pdf for instance, it usually comes out in mirror style as well, i dont know y. I'll send u the txt over mail in word format, but i dont know if it'll help. Perhaps there's some software out there to correct that, i'm sure there's a lot of problems with arabic fonts all the time.
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