Coptic Calendar Issues


I really would like to know how the Coptic Orthodox Calendar (with all of its months : Toute, Babba, Hatour etc..) are mapped to the Julien Calendar. Does anyone know where I can get this mapping? 

Are these dates always set in stone? For example, Friday 22nd of May happens to have been the 14th Pashans, 1736. 

Is the 22nd May always going to be the 14th of Pashans?



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    Hi @Theodosia,
    The Coptic year consists of 365 days and 366 days every four years, so it is congruent with the Julian calendar year as you rightly said, and deviates from the Gregorian calendar 3 times every 400 years. Next deviation will be in the year 2100 when the Nativity feast will fall on the 8th of January and the Theophany will be on the 20th of January and the feast of the apostles will be on the 13th of July, etc.
    One thing to note is that the intercalary day in the Coptic calendar is at the end of the year and therefore all the dates between the Coptic new year which coincides with the 29th of August Julian or the 11th of September Gregorian (consequently they become 30th of August and 12th of September after the leap year) and the 29th of February (ie Julian 16th of February) are one day ahead every four years. Does that make sense at all? So yes in short the dates of Bashons which are in May and June are fixed until 2100 AD..
    I am not sure if there is a picture or table that maps out all the Coptic dates along with the Julian and/or the Gregorian calendar..
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    There you go, under the subheading "months"
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