im interested in buying a digital version of our katamares. Does anyone have this?



  • You can get it on GooglePlay for 99 cents. It's only in Arabic.
  • Do you have anything for Kiahk in English?

  • Kiahk is part of the Annual days katameros, no special readings. Most of the days borrow from others anyways
  • I found it after looking in one of the links. I had to write a paper about the Liturgical rites of Kiahk.
    This week it's the Theophany Lakkan. I'm beginning to see the format now. The professor wants us to understand the content along with the structure. My other class is Comparative Theology, which I could write for a hobby. I had knowledge of the Liturgical calendar, but learning all its details are extremely time consuming. I've had to read about every aspect and history of its formulation. Our Liturgy is very traditional, then it has some things like chicken wings at the Chinese buffet which just kind of show up.

    Thanks, @minatageel
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    In general, it's very easy:
    1- Annual* Katameros: has readings for all days of the entire coptic calendar (Sundays being different from all other days--days readings borrow from each other since they are based on commemorations rather then a system of topics like in Sundays)

    2- Great Lent Katameros: Readings for Jonah's Fast + Preparation Saturday & Sunday for Lent + 7 weeks of Lent + Lazarus Saturday

    3- Holy Week Katameros (this is ignored many times since it's just the Pascha Book): all readings from Hosanna Sunday to Bright Saturday + Prophecies for the Eve of the Resurrection Feast

    4- Holy Fifty Days Katameros: Readings for all Resurrection celebration days, from the Resurrection Feast to Pentecost

    All feasts readings can be found in the above katameroses, if they were movable feasts (revolve around the Resurrection Feast) or non-movable (has a set date in the Coptic Calendar and is always celebrated on it despite the Resurrection Feast date)

    * for some reason people don't like using the word 'annual' to be used in this context...they think it means that it's something you do once a year....and that's why they end up using words like: Common, or Normal, or Standard. BUT, one of the definitions of the word 'annual' is something that you do every day, lasts for the year, and repeat that cycle every year. 

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    Thanks, Mina. The way you explain our Lectionary is practical. I appreciate it. 

    The assignment was to explain the Sunday readings of Kiahk.  I stopped using the Katameros at the monastery because the Coptic Reader made it much easier to just read my English part and not have to put two books on the Lectern. 

    This assignment this week is to highlight the Theophany Lakkan rite (which is fairly easy to do) then to explain the evolution of this rite through the age. (the hard, but fun part) :-).  It isn't just like you can say there are different psali, lobsh and tarh hymnal structures and specific reading, nor just the katameros or the two extra anaphoras that randomly show up. 

    He wants us to go into the formal structure and formation of the Liturgy and how it was influenced by the history of our church. It's a lot of fun, and it's helped me to gain a connection with our church when I haven't been able to serve for two months. 

     I hope to be as well-read as you one day on your knowledge of our church. Thanks for your help, again! You and @JoJo_Hanna are my go-to's for knowledge.
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    I can always come to you when I need clarification or explanation on any topic, Thank you so much for that @ItalianCoptic!!

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