Please fix Very Early Sunday Morning lyrics

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Please fix the lyrics for Very Early Sunday Morning.

For example, it should say "Very early Sunday morning, while the guards were still awake, ..."


  • the arabic translates as 'early at the break of dawn, on sunday morning'
    and does not mention the state of consciousness of the guards. 

    the only Bible reference to this is matthew 28:4 'and the guards shook for fear of him (the angel) and became like dead men'.
    most sermons i have heard in the orthodox church state that Jesus rose first, then the angel rolled back to stone to show that He was not there.

    so this may have happened before the guards became 'like dead men', and we don't know if they were awake (doing a good job) or sleeping before they got the shock of their lives.
    i suppose if they had fallen asleep on the job, they would have woken up at the angel's appearance.
    the idea that the guards 'were asleep', came from the fake story that chief priests asked the guards to circulate in matthew 28:13, i agree that suggesting they were asleep is misleading.

    the lyrics on this lovely website say:

    Very early Sunday morning,

    Before the dawn's light appears,

    Jesus is risen declaring, Victory no more defeat.

    so the first half should be better for you, however the second half is actually not similar to the arabic which ends 'His people for ever'.

    so maybe this is better for you, but as it is time to sleep in my time zone, i'll leave further discussion for the experts.
    good observation that the guards were unlikely to be asleep, you were listening, well done!

  • Trust me, in this very song that sentence is not the problematic one!
    If we're fixing stuff, let's fix the Theological errors (when applicable) first.
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    Very well said @Jojo_Hanna.. Thanks a million..
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  • ophadece, where were you when this thread first appeared?!
    probably very busy at work these days and no time for internet i suppose.
    good thing you have jojohanna doing your job for you...
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    I can't agree more with all your statements @mabsoota.. It's been quite busy at work as you rightly say.. @Jojo_Hanna has been a great blessing in my life, I am honoured to have known someone like him.. I am lucky he can do a much better job than I can.. Hehe
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  • + Christ is Risen +

    @ophadece is a very busy man! Between his family, career and Theological & Ritual studies He has no time for anything else! He is a fully-devoted servant who lives to keep and tell-on the story of his forefathers and to preserve his roots.
    Whether it is in Hymnology or by the accurateness preserved in the Language itself, he makes it his sole mission to do what is correct while maintaining honesty, that’s what’s so great about Opha! He is an honest academic, whom I can never take on his job because it is far beyond my abilities!
    “A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a servant above his master.“ :)
    I Love Him so much and have the honour to call him my Teacher and friend. :) ;)

    @mabsoota and @ophadece
    Thank you so much for having this high level of respect for me which I do not deserve.
    I learn from the both of you many, many things.

    Keep me always in your prayers!
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    OK guys this is turning into an election like campaign but I am sorry to disappoint you, I am not prepared to run for the office taking the seat of Trump, Trudeau or Boris Johnson just yet..
    I have no knowledge of theology but thank you for thinking that about me..
    @Jojo_Hanna is the one who kept encouraging me to read spiritual books during the Lent and to dedicate 5 - 10 minutes of earnest prayer before bedtime. How much of a failure I am when it comes to judging myself against his advice.. Pray for me and my family please..
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  • Much Love @Ophadece
    Always learning from you :)
    Truly, this saying by this great Abba comes into place when responding to this thread, on the day of His Feast too; +“I have often repented of having spoken, but never of having been silent.”+
  • don't worry jojohanna, i also sent a personal message to ophadece once i realised he was too busy at work.

    i met him once in person!


    (uk is a small country...)

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