+ Saint Mark, OUR Evangelist +

Today the Church commemorates the Feast of the Great *Saint Mark*, I won’t write “the Evangelist”, rather *OUR EVANGELIST*!

I will include a speech of gratitude to our Apostle.
I will include His Synaxarion entry.
I will also include His Glorification melody.

Remember us Your children before the Heavenly Throne of Grace, O Great Abba Mark.

Saint Mark is our first Pope.
Saint Mark is the Founder of the oldest Church in the entire world.
Saint Mark is the reason that today we are called Christians!

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature." (~Saint Mark 16:15)

 This is exactly what Saint Mark did. He did not care if the People were pagan, Greek, Jewish, rich, poor, etc., He preached the Gospel to everyone. 
Put yourself in Saint Mark’s position...You don’t know where you are going, you don’t know the language of the people to whom you will go, you don’t have any money or food with you, you do not know _HOW_ you will spread the Good News, Etc. 
On top of all of that, You’re related to 3 direct Disciples of Christ, and you have been called to the Apostolic Service! So you have lots of work to do, and you have to do it fast since you witnessed many occasions with the Lord Christ, IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!
As we can see, Saint Mark had so many discouraging factors that would make Him give up (if that was us, we’d be toast if we had just one of those many things!)
But He still managed to preach, and to Christianize more than a whole continent (Africa is the 2nd biggest continent in the world, 5 western cities: Pentapolis, Etc.)

I think we owe Saint Mark the biggest Thank You



    On this day, which coincided with the 26th. of April 68 A.D., the great apostle St. Mark, the evangelist of the land of Egypt, was martyred. He was the first Pope of Alexandria and one of the Seventy Apostles.

    His name was John, as the Holy Bible says: "He came to the house of Mary, the mother of John whose surname was Mark, where many were gathered together praying" (Acts 12:12). He was the one that the Lord Christ, to Whom is the glory, meant when He said: "Go into the city to a certain man, and say to him, The Teacher says, My time is at hand; I will keep the Passover at your house with My disciples" (Matthew 26:18).

    His house was the first Christian church, where they ate the Passover, hid after the death of the Lord Christ, and in its upper room the Holy Spirit came upon them.

    This Saint was born in Cyrene (One of the Five Western cities, Pentapolis - in North Africa). His father's name was Aristopolus and his mother's name was Mary. They were Jewish in faith, rich and of great honor. They educated him with the Greek and Hebrew cultures. He was called Mark after they emigrated to Jerusalem, where St. Peter had become a disciple to the Lord Christ. St. Peter was married to the cousin of Aristopolus. Mark visited St. Peter's house often, and from him he learned the Christian teachings.

    Once Aristopolus and his son Mark were walking near the Jordan river, close by the desert, they encountered a raving lion and a lioness. It was evident to Aristopolus that it would be his end and the end of his Son, Mark. His compassion for his son compelled him to order him to escape to save himself. Mark answered, "Christ, in whose hands our lives are committed, will not let them prey on us." Saying this, he prayed, "O, Christ, Son of God protect us from the evil of these two beasts and terminate their offspring from this wilderness." Immediately, God granted this prayer, and the two beasts fell dead. His father marveled and asked his son to tell him about the Lord Christ. He believed in the Lord Christ at the hands of his son who baptized him.

    After the ascension of the Lord Christ, he accompanied Paul and Barnabas to preach the Gospel in Antioch, Seleucia, Cyprus, Salamis, and Perga Pamphylia where he left them and returned to Jerusalem. After the Apostolic Council in Jerusalem, he went with Barnabas to Cyprus.

    After the departure of Barnabas, with the order of the Lord Christ, St. Mark went to Africa, Berka, and the Five Western cities (Pentapolis). He preached the Gospel in these parts, and believed on his hands most of its people. From there, he went to Alexandria in the 1st. of Bashans 61 A.D.

    When he entered the city, his shoe was torn because of the much walking in preaching and evangelism. He went to a cobbler in the city, called Anianus, to repair it. While he was repairing it the awl pierced his finger. Anianus shouted in Greek saying "EIS THEOS" which means "O, ONE GOD". When St. Mark heard these words his heart rejoiced exceedingly. He found it suitable to talk to him about the One God. The Apostle took some clay, spat on it and applied it to Anianus' finger, saying in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, and the wound healed immediately, as if nothing happened to it.Moses, who brought the children of Israel out of Egypt, and gave them the Law, the captivity of the children of Israel to Babylon, and the prophecies that foretold the coming of Christ.

    Anianus invited him to go to his house and brought to him his children. The Saint preached and baptized them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

    When the believers in the Name of Christ increased and the pagan people of the city heard that, they were raged with anger and thought of slaying St. Mark. The faithful advised him to get away for a short while for the sake of the safety of the church and its care. St. Mark ordained St. Anianus a Bishop for Alexandria, three priests and seven deacons. He went to the Five Western Cities, remained there for two years preaching, and ordained bishops, priests, and deacons.

    He returned to Alexandria where he found the believers had increased in number, and built a church for them in the place known as Bokalia (The place of cows), east of Alexandria on the sea shore.

    It came to pass, when he was celebrating the feast of the Resurrection on the 29th day of Baramudah, year 68 A.D., the same day coincided with the great pagan Celebration for the feast of the god Syrapis, a multitude of them assembled and attacked the church at Bokalia and forced their way in. They seized St. Mark, bound him with a thick rope and dragged him in the roads and streets crying, "Drag the dragon to the place of Cows." They continued dragging him with severe cruelty. His flesh was torn and scattered everywhere, and the ground of the city was covered with his blood. They cast him that night into a dark prison.

    The angel of the Lord appeared to him and told him: "O Mark, the good servant, rejoice for your name has been written in the book of life, and you have been counted among the congregation of the saints." The angel disappeared, then the Lord Christ appeared to him, and gave him peace. His soul rejoiced and was glad.

    The next morning (30th of Baramudah), the pagans took St. Mark from the prison. They tied his neck with a thick rope and did the same as the day before, dragging him over the rocks and stones. Finally, St. Mark delivered up his pure soul in the hand of God, and received the crown of martyrdom, the apostolic crown, the crown of evangelism, and the crown of virginity.

    Nevertheless, St. Mark's death did not satisfy the rage of the pagans and their hatred. They gathered much firewood and prepared an inferno to burn him. A severe storm blew and heavy rains fell. The pagans became frightened, and they fled away in fear.

    The believers came and took the holy body, carried it to the church they built at Bokalia, wrapped it up, prayed over him and place it in a coffin. They laid it in a secret place in this church.

    The prayers of this great Saint and honorable Evangelist be with us and Glory be to our God forever. Amen.


    Hail to you Saint Mark,
    The son of Aristopolos,
    The preacher of Christ's name,
    Markos pi-apostolos. (Mark the Apostle)
    You were born in Cyrene,
    Your name is in every place,
    Remaining for all ages,
    You came to Palestine,
    The land of the saints,
    Fleeing from Libya,
    You followed the Lord Jesus,
    You drank from the spring,
    You preached everywhere,
    Mark and his father found,
    Two lions walking,
    You prayed and they died,
    Saint Mary your mother,
    Made her house a church,
    She served a great service,
    Jesus was far away,
    Sent to you, wanting,
    To celebrate the Passover,
    Our great Lord made,
    The last Passover,
    He was patient to the wicked,
    You followed Him to the garden,
    The youth took hold of you,
    You escaped from them naked,
    You know the mysteries,
    Of the mighty God,
    Through them, the righteous is saved,
    The Spirit of comfort dwelt,
    Upon those who gathered,
    In your house on Pentecost,
    Like tongues of fire,
    In broad daylight,
    Settling on the pure ones,
    You spoke with the tongues,
    Of the people of the world,
    While performing signs,

  • The nations came to you,
    Submitting to you,
    Believing in the Lord Jesus,
    Three thousands were baptized,
    Lead by your guidance,
    Living in chastity,
    After the Pentecost,
    You went away to preach,
    To the whole world
    O Mark our father,
    The love that came to us,
    To the faith, he led us,
    When you heard Anianus,
    Proclaiming, "O one God,"
    You showed him Christ's way,
    You ordained Anianus,
    A bishop with priests,
    To serve the souls,
    You established the school,
    Of theology,
    The first seminary,
  • The fathers came out of it,
    Patriarchs and scholars,
    They kept the faith with blood,
    Your virtues increased,
    The Spirit inspired you,
    To write your gospel,
    You wrote to the Romans,
    And all the sons of men,
    About the King and Judge,
    You completed the strife,
    With the blood of martyrdom,
    At the appointed time,
    On the day of the feast,
    The people dragged you,
    To the flames of fire,
    God sent from heaven,
    Clouds carrying water,
    Putting out the fire,
    On the last day of Baramouda,
    We have a tradition,
    To remember the martyrdom of,
    On the end of Babah a feast,
    The appearance of the head,
    A help to him in need,
    On the fifteenth of Paouna,
    Pope Kyrillos with a help,
    Returned the relics of our father,
    Who is like you O beholder of God,
    Who is invisible,
    We worship and glorify Him,
    Saint Mark the pillar,
    Of the truth,
    A lion came out to rule,

  • The mention of your name
    is in all the believers' mouths
    they all cry out
    "O God of St. Mark, help us all."
  • Amen !! Thanks for sharing @Jojo_Hanna :)
    may his intercessions be with us all!
  • Amen!
    Thank you for your support @PK281 !!!
    Always appreciate hearing from you ;)
  • that was great, just as if we sang it together!
    great to 'see' PK281 also :)

    in heaven, we will all see each other, and saint mark!

  • I love saint mark so much, I’m grateful im named after him.
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