Question about the general understanding of our salvation

Hello brothers and sisters in Christ,

I have a question today that has been occupying my mind for a bit now and I have faith that a well informed brother or sister in here will be able to answer it for me.

Now, this question reaches deep topics so please bare with me.

I understand that Jesus Christ died for our salvation in order to enter Hades and free the righteous. In our Churches understanding, everyone living prior to Jesus resurrection automatically entered Hades, whether they were good or bad people. The reason for this was Adam’s sin and our inheritance of it.

Now, here is where my question lies. Since God is Almighty, I do not understand why righteous souls entered Hades. I know the interpretation of Hades is often that it is not God’s decision to send anyone there, which is why God also entered Hades in order to free the righteous. However, since God is Almighty in every aspect, why was this the occurrence?

The way I have interpreted this for myself is now the following: God wishes for all of us to enter heaven. It is our choice whether we live our life worshipping God or not. Depending on what we do, we will either live an afterlife in God’s presence or we will be deprived of this (Hades). So, it is not God who deliberately expels or sends anyone to Hades(correct?). If this were the case, why would righteous souls have been in Hades and why must they be saved by a sacrifice?

I’m sorry about the complicated nature of this topic, it’s just that everytime I try theologically explaining one part I end up opening another question. This is why I came here in hopes of someone shedding some light on this, God willing. I hope I managed to explain what I’m asking adequately. Thank you in advance

Peace be with all of you


  • Hello,

    Here is my humble attempt at answering your question.

    Before the crucifixion, the righteous also were in Hades. Hades was a waiting place for Hell. This is analogous to Paradise being a waiting place for those who will go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

    The fruit of sin is death. Eternal death. That's because we rejected the Holy Spirit indwelling. Whether you were righteous or not. Humanity was destined to hell. 

    The cross reconciles humanity with the Father again. How? When man sinned, there was a debt. His Eminence Kalistos Ware teaches us to not ask to whom this debt is for. It is not for the Father. 
    Not at all. But I can say to you that It was for the Divine Justice. That does not mean the Father wanted His pound of Flesh to forgive. It means that Humanity/Mankind had entered into an eternal contract of complete enmity with God - which is death. Eternal death. The balance sheet doesn't add up here. There is a gaping hole that needs to be filled in. God is not just eternally merciful, but eternally just also. How does He reconcile us back? 

    Mankind could not save Himself. How does man unite with God? What do we do? nothing. We can do nothing to unite with God. It is not because of our holiness that we are able to unite with God. It is because of His Righteousness that we are reconciled unto Him. 

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