Greetings In Christ

Hello All,

I live in American in a small town near Seattle, WA.  I am an Anglican in a continuing Anglican Parish, which means very traditional (though Anglican traditions only date back to the 1600s).

I am a man who feels drawn East and have been exploring Eastern and Oriental Orthodoxy.  I am greatly blessed to live near a two (or three maybe) Coptic Church's.  I have experienced the liturgy at one, Saint Mary's in Lynnwood WA, and the priest was kind enough to meet with me for after once.  The Priest introduced me to the writings of Pope Shenouda III and have been studying his works. 

I found this community online and just wanted to say hello, and ask permission to ask questions about the Coptic faith, Oriental Orthodoxy in general and perhaps ask some other recommended readings and things to do.

Forgive my ignorance and please understand I will never mean anything of offense.  


  • Welcome. 
  • Welcome aboard :)
  • Welcome! There are no stupid questions :)

    Well, maybe one or two... :))
    Jokes aside, feel free to ask away! There is a tremendous amount of knowledge on this forum, and I'm sure you'll always either get an answer or a resource to help you find it. God bless!
  • welcome!

    i recommend studying church history and saying hello to people you meet in the orthodox church.

    that's how i started 14 yrs ago, and after 3 years, i took the leap into orthodox Christianity and never looked back!

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