Sunday Theotokia and COVID-19?

Hi All,

I have a question about the phrase "O Lord open onto us the gates of the Church" present in the 8th part of the Sunday Theotokia and elsewhere.

Now this may be a stretch, but knowing that there was a time when all the churches were forcibly closed by the ruler of Egypt at the time, and the fact that I've seen people mirror this prayer now, during the closure of Churches because of COVID-19, makes me wonder: what is the history of this phrase/Sunday Theotokia - could it have been added during this time?



  • The 8th part of the Sunday Theotokion is not really a Theotokion, it's actually a melody or an explanation on the 7th one.
  • it is a very old phrase.
    but we are praying it a lot now!
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