Agpeya editions (English)

Hi All,

I have recently ordered an English copy of the Agpeya, the one compiled by Fr. Abraham Azmy. Has anyone had any experience with this edition, and if so, did you like it? What other editions are there worth checking out? Any and all suggestions are welcome!


  • Almost everyone uses that one because there is one version that also have parallel arabic and english. At St. Mark's jersey city NJ we used to use the Montreal yellew agpeya, until they stopped printing it, so we made our own:

    Which in general matches the Montreal Agpeya. 

    The thing is, it really comes down the the translation of the litanies and commentaries. Everything else you can find the liturgy book or psalmodies, and the Bible. What we use is specifically NKJV.
  • are there any out there in good, modern English?
    i mean that don't say 'have mercy UPon us' (instead of 'on us'), or that don't call God 'beneficient' (when was the last time you used this word?!) or say 'your name which is called upon us' (the correct translation is 'your name by which we are called')?

    the closest i ever found was one from USA in a white cover with gold letters (that rubbed off after a couple of years), and it had parallel arabic and english - maybe it is the one referred to above. even that suggested God 'art' in heaven (i imagine Him painting rainbows and colouring in dragonflies...)

    maybe if you could give us a snapshot of one of the pages in your agpeya, minatasgeel, we may all rush and buy it.
  • @minatasgeel the one you linked looks very nice, but I'm cheap so I ordered the Fr. Azmy version (€3 difference lol). If everyone uses it, I assume it has to be at least okay? I use the Coptic Reader often but I'd rather have a physical copy...
  • are truly "mabsoota" all the time.

    I don't think we would go too far to make the changes that you want, except when other do agree. I mean, if a group sit together, get the coptic text, and agree on a translation based on certain criteria--this would be a dream come true and would be beneficial to all. BUT, no one want's to one want's the struggle a bit here and there for the sake of unity. Everyone just goes like, this is a good translation, we worked on it, use it. And if i criticize that translation, i am the bad guy and i would be told "you can do your own thing"....

    But you, post a couple of pics so i can identify which one your talking about.
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