Updates from Coptic churches around the world regarding Covid-19.

Hey guys.

I hope everyone is staying safe. I was wondering if there has been any news regarding Coptic communities around the globe. There hasn't been any vocal news down here in the South-East and it's honestly worrying me that I haven't really heard any news about how Coptic communities are holding up with this pressing issue around the globe. I hoped to see some sort of news about all of this but it seems like there hasn't been any.

Does anyone have updates regarding how Coptic communities have been holding up or any communities that have been heavily affected? I know this is an extremely difficult time with the fact that we can not be at church during such a beautiful and blessed fast for our community-- but I feel like it'd be beneficial to finally feel like I haven't been living under a rock apropos to the Coptic world.

Stay safe and God bless,
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