Official Standing on General Funeral Rite

I noticed that the Hymns Library has the tune/rites of the General Funeral differing between whether it is prayed after the Liturgy or at the 9th hour. Is this a development from the Synod I missed, or is this outdated? Last I remember, it was said that regardless of when it was prayed, the General Funeral marks the beginning of Pascha and is said in the mournful tune. Can anyone offer some clarity? Thank you, and a blessed Palm Sunday.

Twbh `e`hryi `ejwi na`cnyou


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    May 22 2010, the Synod agreed that it would be in the annual tune if it's done right after the liturgy. I know of this. But Albair says that "the fathers of the holy Synod agreed in June 2013 to restore the old rite with the sorrowful tune."
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