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Hi All, 

Quick question- I took on the name Yacoub after the Israelite patriarch, and was baptised at a church bearing the names of St. Demiana and Mari Guirguis. From whom of these three should I ask for intercession?

I only recently became Coptic, so i'm still getting a grip on most things. Thank you for understanding!


  • It can be someone after whom you are named, but read into the lives of Saints and choose from there.
  • If you need any more help, I have no problem helping you :)
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    "It can be someone after whom you are named, but read the lives of Saints and choose from there."

    Cheers for the reply @Jojo_Hanna! As I already wrote, I was named after Yacoub the Israelite patriarch. Should I then ask for intercession frm him? I know i can technically choose from the Synaxarion, but theres many saints and they're all beautiful!

    Thanks for offering to help also. 
  • Happy to help at anytime :)
    It would be better for you to choose someone from the Coptic Orthodox Church, so you could truly experience the meaning of Orthodoxy and get the full experience...
    If you’d really like to take on St Jacob, we have many St Jacob’s in the COC :)
    What’s ironic about your case is that you were baptized at a church named after two of our biggest Saints! St George is the Prince of Martyrs and St Demiana is the Princess of Martyrs. It looks like you’ll end up choosing a Martyr :) but if you do choose any, these two are among the most popular, well-known and beloved saints by the Coptic people and others too. If you’d like more information about them, I can still help!
    In the mean time, also look at who among the Saints you’d like to imitate in your lifestyle, for example if you’re looking to take on Monastic Orders, who’s else than St Anthony or St Macarius or St Pachomius, Etc. would be your patron saint?

    Happy Hosanna Sunday, my friend!
  • I've read the stories of St. George and St. Demiana from the Synaxarium, and I find the life of St. George to be (sort of close) to my own, so perhaps I could choose him...
    I've been thinking about St. Macarius also, due to the wisdom which he possessed which i should like to imitate. 
    But how do you know which saint to choose, or rather which saint chooses you?

    Thanks for all the info and Happy Hosanna Sunday! 
  • congratulations on your entry to the orthodox Christian faith!

    i have been an orthodox Christian for 11 years now, and every year i learn something new (took 2-3 years to get the hang of fasting, for example).

    you don't need to limit it to only 1 or 2 saints, take your time and involve several.

    some of my favourites are saint matthias (the 12th disciple, as in my profile picture, i am actually a lady, not a bearded man!), saint macarius the great (start reading his sermons, they are very deep and very helpful for your spiritual live), saint moses the strong, and saint thomas (one of the anchorites who would travel by the Holy Spirit ('sowah' in Arabic).

    may God give you a blessed and peaceful Holy Week. follow the readings and prayers (at home if churches are shut in your area due to the virus outbreak) and thank God for His eternal mercy


  • Thank you very much! 

    @mabsoota that's a whole handful of saints! Do you also have an icon of each one, or do you simply venerate them? And how did you come to choose them? Sorry for all the questions!
    I think @Jojo_Hanna is right, I may well end up choosing a martyr. Right now St. George, St. James the Great (son of Zebedee) and St. Philopatier Mercurius are some of the ones that immediately spring to mind, along with St. Macarius. 

    Have a blessed Holy Week, God bless!
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