Bilingual complete Agpeya?

Is there a complete Agpeya available in print with full texts in Coptic and English?


  • I haven't seen one in english...but it's not like you can find them in coptic. The thing is though, it's all about the you'd just be duplicating OT text. Not the most useful in a practical way. That being said, we did publish an agpeya though with the coptic text of litanies and repeated prayers in the back:

    I would love to make one with more studies on the text on comparison to multiple manuscripts..
  • You mean just English and Coptic? I have one with English, Coptic and Arabic. I've seen plenty of English only ones.
  • coptic for "everything" in the agpeya or just certain parts?!
  • I’d like an all Coptic one, if available.
    That would be pretty interesting to get my hands on...
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