Quarantined? Let's work on a service project together

If you're free and willing to offer your time, we can work on a service project together.
PM me for details.


  • great idea, sadly i am too well help out...
    no, seriously, it sounds like a good idea. i am on leave this week, but as soon as i get back to work, i won't be on line for a good long time, it is going to get very busy in the next 2-3 weeks.
    where are you? i think i remember you being in usa.
    in my country (uk) the exceptions to having to stay at home include feeding homeless people, so i recommend that to anyone who has spare time.
    in addition to doing penanko's project, of course!

    please share more details, it sounds interesting.
  • I am willing! 
    Can you share more details please?
  • I sent you a message.
  • Someone send me a message too! I wanna get in on this too!!
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