how are we saved.

hello my Coptic brothers, i have a question that has been bugging me for a long time now. 
which is how are we actually saved in my church we are saved by going to places and by calling the names of some saints and of course the virgin Mary and angles. 
according to some legends no one is actually in hell. cause the saints and angles take everyone out of it and if we actually calculate the numbers no one will be in hell now or in the future. 

is that what the fathers thought us or did the fathers teach about living a life of purity and holiness. in my church(which i don't want to name by name) we are thought to call the saints or go to some places or say certain things or give a drop of water in the name of one of the saints and that will get us to heaven. 

i never heard the Coptic church teaching this kind of doctrine.
so do you believe in this teachings and you just don't talk about it on the internet.  or you believe in the gospels and the teachings of the early fathers and i never read this kind of things in the books of Abune Shenouda.

May the peace of prince be with you. And i really admire your faith.
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