Dating a Catholic

Hi everyone,

I have been dating a Catholic girl for a few months now, who is actually Jordanian (not too far from Egyptians culturally). She is a very decent person who regularly attends her church. As we know, the Catholic Church and the OO have different views on many things, including level of spirituality. She respects that I am tightly connected to the Coptic Church, and it's something that she admires. I see that she has a good foundation is willing to learn more about the Coptic Church. My dilemma is that I don't want to pressure her into converting, and the absolute last thing I want is for to her to convert for the sake of marriage without being fully convinced of our faith.

How can I approach this situation with sensitivity and provide her the education to start learning more about Orthodoxy?



  • I dont think there is a problem for a Catholic to become Orthodox. It really depends if she's fanatical. 

    Orthodoxy is a way. That's all. It is a good way. 

    You have much more in common than, say, a protestant wishing to become Orthodox.

    The leadership in our church is changing (for the better) with respect to catholics becoming Orthodox: We do not re-baptise. 

    That's great. 

    I would be more concerned if she is a practicing Catholic. That to me would be more important than anything.

    If she is practicing - and her church means the world to her: that's a good thing. 
  • Take her to abouna
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