Sex change

How does the Coptic church view sex changes? I understand that homosexuality is a sin, but what about gender alignment? This is where a man feels he is trapped inside the wrong body.

Personally it makes no sense.

Is it a sin to change your gender? Or is it a sin to change your gender and keep the previous gender?

How should we treat people in our community or work who have had gender realignment??


  • we are not allowed to 'change' our gender.

    if someone already had the op, we should accept him / her in the preferred gender.

    those people don't need to reverse the op.

  • But is it a sin to change gender??
  • @mabsoota where did you get such facts (just out of curiosity)?
  • Yes it is a sin. Gender is a fact of life. The parents of a child do not get to choose the gender, despite possible ways we may get to now. That is a God-given aspect and that is why it's a fact of life. You change that, you are then changing a fact and a truth that is intended by God. 
  • My question is how do you answer someone who feels they need a sex change??
  • the answer is right there in the question: "feels"'s all about feelings and emotions. Those are not facts in life. those are subjective and change from one person to the other. But the body doesn't.
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