Understanding the Coptic Liturgy


If anyone would like an amazing explanation of the Holy Liturgy, may I recommend this video?

It is uploaded by OrthodoxSermons. I have no idea who owns this account,  but I thought this upload was very useful.


  • I have absolutely. no idea who this priest is, but I thought his explanation and the final words of advice he offers at the end of this video are just priceless. 
  • This is the legendary Father Paul Guirgis, from Saint Mark’s DC!
  • I have not really heard of him, but I like priests like this who take the time to explain and educate. It is not just duty, but a real sense of living a holy life that he seems to want to cultivate. 

  • May God keep him and all like him for His church always
  • @Zoxsasi...he doesn't do this every single liturgy. It was done specially that day and many priests do that every once in a while, if not once a year....mainly for kids and youth. 
  • @minatasgeel.. lol, of course not! He probably planned this out of request from people. I think that was a smart move. I like priests like this. They care that people pray with understanding, and aren't just part of the furniture. 
  • Honestly, I don't know this priest... All i know is the video is freely available on the internet and I think it is a good resource. 
  • Many priests do things that are beneficial and are amazing in their own churches....and most of those are hidden, not too many know about them. 
  • I think it is beneficial to point out good habits, and one good habit that I believe that is conducive for Christians is for priests to take time to explain and educate. Also, those who translate books. I'm just a bit bitter that there's no synchronisation between our Churches.

    The Church in Montreal produced an amazing (really brilliant) book on the liturgy. The English translation is perfect. (French is so so- but still good). Then another church decided to their own in English. Why? Why not just build on the magnificent work done by the Church in Canada? I don't get this.. do you honestly think we have time to translate books from scratch??? 

    And then the Church in paris decided to make their own liturgical book. Why? Why on earth not use the same book that was done before?? Who on earth has time for this??

    That's annoying. 

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    i believe im somewhere in this video :)
    OrthodoxSermons is run by St. Mark’s DC as well!
  • Hehe! Find the minute and share with us :))
  • Well done. That's a brilliant service.
    I hear NJ is an amazing church with brilliant servants.

    I feel our church just wasted so much time reinventing the wheel.
  • hmmmm...NJ has around 30 church.....a couple are mega-church with over 1K families to serve. 

    I am just gonna leave this out there...
  • I would be lying to you if I didn't admit that I was impressed by the stuff I see from NJ churches, or the DC church, heck, even the LA Copts. It is just mind boggling.

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Coptic Church in Europe. They're very good, but we waste so much time re-inventing stuff. Why??

    You're obviously better than us at English. Lol... just publish the books for all Coptic Churches world wide.

    You're obviously better than us at hymns too.  We are still following Cantor Ibrahim, and yet LA Copts are free styling and doing some very funky stuff.

  • What funky stuff are the LA Copts doing? All the english hymns go through a rigorous committee before being presented as official.
  • go here

    check out hymns 1, 2, 5...

    we don't sing these hymns this way.

    Then check out DC church and NJ youtube videos. This is unbelievable stuff... I would pay good money to go and see a concert if they did one.

    We followed the ways of 1 specific cantor. We are orthodox. Its ok, but it is becoming a bit dry.
  • @Zoxsasi, I will take on defending the LA diocese. 

    1st - The recordings referenced are not exactly there for teaching. We know that from the fact that not all hymns of the season were recorded, plus some tracks were recorded in alternating betweet english and coptic.

    2nd - Tracks:
    1- That's actually how the verses of cymbals for the "feast", not the rest of the holy 50s, are said....you're not an alhan guys so it's ok that you don't know this
    2- if you are talking about saying Ten]ho, that's also normal and it's recorded and it's acceptable to say anytime. but again, you're not an alhan guy, so i'll excuse the ignorance
    3- You can say ekhrestos anisti in any of those ways, and the arabic one is recorded by M Farag and i believe m Fahim...any of the ways there are acceptable to say.....but moreover, you are not an alhan guy, so i'll tolerate the meaningless judgement

    3rd - You speak about DC and NJ like they are equivalent...yet you don't know that neither areas are considered a diocese with an enthroned bishop. You also don't know that NJ has that many churches and choruses, and groups of deacons where there isn't 2 churches of those that say the same hymn in the same way. But, as usual, i'll accept your ignorance since you're on the other side of the ocean (to which i thank God for)

    4th -"We are orthodox. Its ok, but it is becoming a bit dry."........I HATE using the word "stereotype".....but i must here because that's you right now. We copts change all the time. We change how we do things and how we say things all the time. We just keep convincing ourselves that we are really "not changing things because we are Orthodox." "Orthodox" doesn't mean "unchanged"... it means the straight path, the original true intended understanding and belief. But here is the shocker: while our doctrine is unchanged and must be always, our way of worship changes as needed.

    So, Good Morning people. Good Afternoon Zoxsasi (Vassilios/QT), welcome back btw. 
  • Well look, i just love the hymns. its great.
    I sort of disagree about point 4.

  • Whether church a does hymns better than church b, is all subjective. Its just opinion. I didnt know i had to be expert to appreciate the amazing things produced by churches in the USA.

    Oh but you are so right, im unfortunately not a deacon, and dont know much about hymns. But i do not care. All i know is that these churches have magnificently managed to produce hymns in English that are just so beautiful to listen to.

    The main thing is this:

    If you wish to learn more about the liturgy, like myself, then i highly recommend the above video.
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