How to Address Homosexuals

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As Coptic christians, how should we ought to answer gay people in the following situations:

1. Let's say a gay person wishes to be heterosexual - what should we suggest? Apparently, and Im no expert, but it appears that gay conversion therapy is dangerous, and also it seems it has no effect.

2. Let's say a gay person asks: "why did God create me as gay" and then punish me in eternal damnation for being gay? How do we answer this?? 

Finally, the only therapy that we believe in is prayer. Is it right to pray for someone who is gay that they maybe non-gay? 

My 2 cents is this, and please tell me if this is right or wrong:

In a civil context, there ought to be equality, mutual respect, and dignity for everyone, regardless of one's sexual orientation. The same obviously should be granted even in a Christian context, however, in a soteriological context, in terms of salvation, not every desire is holy. So if we were to put homosexuality aside, being heterosexual doesn't save you. Being heterosexual is not a condition for salvation. If I indulge in every sexual fantasy, as a heterosexual, that enters my head, I cannot then say "God, you created me horny, and then you give me laws and conditions that stop me from exercising the very sexual fantasies that you created me with".

I cannot just go off and have live a life of fornication, and indulge in this, and think that I'm saved because I'm doing it with the opposite sex.

Would the same apply for homosexuals? Can we say the same thing to them? 

How would you, as a Coptic Orthodox Christian, explain salvation to someone who is gay?


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