Telling my story

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I share this with some nervousness, but also out of a sense of duty. There has been a lot of activity by leaders in the church to address the topic of homosexuality. Yet there's been virtually no one to speak for what gay members of our churches really feel like. How many of us are still seeking God actively. And that this has never been a choice (how can it be?) But there are so many pieces of false information and misrepresentation, with no one to speak for us. Well this is my story. I hope you can read it and the others like it. We need your support. 

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- Andrew


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    Hello Andrew,

    I would say, welcome to the forum, but it looks like you have been here for a while. 

    I had to remove the link and I will close this discussion. While I do believe that the intention is good, and I do agree that, as Copts, me and you can agree that a lot is needed to deal with LGBTQ+ community, making stories public and normalizing the lifestyle doesn't help. 

    There is no way in the world that homosexuality will be defined in the Orthodox Church other than a sin. And there is also no way in the world that a person who is seeking God would ever reach Him except if he realizes his sin and lives a life of repentance.

    I am not going to lecture you about the topic nor will talk about the statements you made above, because you'd just say that I am wrong ... but it'll be sufficient to close the discussion and ask you to go and speak to a priest or a clergy member about this, and listen to them, if you are really "still seeking God actively."
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