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A Blessed Fast of Ninevah (Jonah's Fast) to all of you. I was curious if anyone was interested in creating a podcast about contemporary, or even in time, more complex and detailed issues pertaining to our church? I have listened to Ancient Faith Radio off and on for a number of years, which is an Eastern Orthodox streaming station. They create a lot of podcasts in a far more contemporary manner than any I have heard from Oriental Orthodoxy.

I don't mean going full, "Megachurch" style by saying everything is sunshine and rainbows, but discussing subjects, such as, conversion, the role of our church in Western culture, the importance of Coptic as a Liturgical language, and the role of culture in religion.

There tend to be many members of our church who are unable to distinguish the difference between the influence of culture and a Christian tradition. There will always be ties between the two, which is in human nature. Obviously, this is a keen subject to discuss as many of you who are, "Egyptian" will have children and grandchildren who will inevitably lose the Arabic language and marry into other cultures.

The importance of the church, to use a secular term, as an entity, is my main goal of creating such a platform. We must teach those interested in Oriental Orthodoxy, and those tied to it through culture, the core aspects of our faith.

If anyone has any feedback, it would be much appreciated. I look forward to hearing from all of, and hopefully, giving a little shot of life into our once flourishing forum.

God Bless, and Please Pray for Me.


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