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Hey everyone,
I hope you're all well by God's grace!
I was hoping to get your input and feedback about the recently developed HCOC App: CopticHymns. I, myself, am very blessed to be a member of the HCOC, and help take part in this historical service.

For those who are not aware of it, under the leadership of Deacon Albair Gamal Mikhail, the leader of The Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church, an app has with all the Church's hymns has been produced in order to preserve our rich heritage and keep it accessible for the generations to come!

CopticHymns is an App that contains all Coptic Hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church.      It is the first app for Coptic Hymns ever. It's the most comprehensive and accurate collection of Coptic Hymns to ever be recorded. Hymns were recorded by the Heritage of the Coptic Orthodox Church (HCOC) under the leadership of Deacon Albair Gamal Mikhail.

Many of you may have previously known this work as CD's or Tapes, but it's now on an app, and the good news is that it's absolutely FREE.

There have been different advertisement videos conducted by Metropolitans, Deacons and even Cantors!
Below are all the advertisement videos:
The application is available on IOS and Android devices.
God Bless.


  • I really like the app!! It is really helpful! I especially like the download section. When will the Regular Sunday Midnight Praises be available? Also, it would be nice to also include the cymbals and the triangle in some of these hymns to allow for the spirit of the hymns. I think this work is really blessed and fruitful. God bless!
  • Hymns can't be recorded with the cymbals since they're for the educational purpose of handing down hymns. (No cantors record hymns with cymbals)

    Everything is in the process of being uploaded :)

  • Hello. I absolutely love the app. God bless your work. I was wondering if you have text for some of these hymns, like the different gospel responses for the great lent that are not Je Peniot. Thank you so much.

    Also, do you plan on having an app that turns the thick khedmet shamas into an app as well? That would really complement the CopticHymns app.
  • If you still need info on your questions, please PM me @kyrollos faheem
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