How to decide between malankara and jacobite, which to convert to?

I read some bishops have an intercommunal ban. thanks for advice. im a EO right now.


  • That's a weird question to come an ask in a Coptic Orthodox forum. 
  • I don’t know of other oriental forums and not sure if asking indian people would not lead to bias. i just want to know that i wouldnt be in a false position choosing one over the other. i mean if it was just a question of who has the cooler patriarch, id side with the jacobites, as their patriarch looks friendly to me. im confused over which to go to.
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    Your best bet is probably to find some administrators of the Indian Orthodox church pages of Facebook. I'm on an, "Oriental Orthodox" group, and a vast majority of members are from India. If you message me, I'll give you their usernames. A few of the guys are very nice and could probably help you out better than anyone on here. Sadly, the Oriental Orthodox family isn't as in touch with one another in the countries of diaspora compared to, say, The Greek Orthodox and Antiochian Orthodox, or the Russian Orthodox and OCA. It isn't out of ignorance, just a much larger Coptic population than other Oriental Orthodox people.
  • Convert to Coptic Orthodoxy :D
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