'7 & 4' Koiahk Praise Order

Blessed Advent Fast to all!

I was wondering if you could all share which hymns you sing during Koiahk Tasbeha.
As in the order of Hymns, Theotokions & Melodies, almost like a schedule!
-Which melodies you sing vs the ones you don't
-Which melismatic hymns vs short tunes
-Which expositions, readings, doxologies, etc.

God Bless


  • Looks like all the deacons are busy prepping for the Big Hymns \:D/
  • Are you asking for a full order of the 7&4, or just our local adaptations?

  • I was just wondering what each of you Pray in your churches, ie: when you lead you may not say ALL theotokions, you might say the melodies instead...
    So Yes, local adaptions
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