Patriarchal Liturgy response

I was wondering for the Patriarch’s response in the 7 litanies in the Liturgy, who exactly do we mention?
Some people only say the Pope/Bishop...
Others say Pope of Alexandria, Antioch, Ethiopia...
Others add the patriarch of Eritrea!

So what exactly is correct?


  • In NJ, we are part of the archdiocese in which case our bishop is the Pope himself. So we mostly only mention his name. Adding the Patriarch of Antioch and Eritrea (not a pope btw) is mentioned in the book, but not too many say it. On certain feasts though, don't remember which, Patriarch of Antioch, Eritrea and Ethiopia must be said after His Holiness, followed by the bishop of the diocese if it is not an archdiocese. 
  • in uk, we always commemorate the other patriarchs (syriac and eritrean) whenever we have a liturgy with a bishop. this is because the patriarchs had an agreement among themselves to always commemorate each other.
    the bishops represent the patriarchs so they should do the same.
    if it is not done in yr church, then probably they just forgot, as we don't regularly have bishops in liturgy (here, for eg we only have 3 bishops).

    however we should always pray for the syriac and antiochian bishops who are in captivity.
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