Western Rite OO?

As we all know already, there are 5 rites in use in the OO Church; Coptic, Ge’ez, West Syriac, Malankara, and Armenian Rite.
This leads to the question: are there any Western Rite (or any other Rite) OO churches? They don’t have to be entirely separate entities but could just be a priest/bishop doing one. I’ve heard of some schismatic groups in Europe who are Miaphysite and also western rite, but we aren’t in communion with them.
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  • avoid the schismatic groups!
    no, there are none as far as i know.
  • While you can define the word "rite" like that, most people don't. It really refers to the type of worship in church. Let's take the Roman Catholic Church for example. In Egypt, there is the Coptic Catholic Church with the Coptic rite, almost exactly like our Coptic orthodox rite, and there is the Roman Catholic Church in egypt with the Latin rite.
  • There aren't any Western Riters in the OO, but i know there is a Syro-Malankara-Catholic-Church, but i guess we're not in communion with them.
  • We are in communion with the Malankara Orthodox Church/Indian Orthodox Church though.
  • once on catholic good friday i went to one of those indian catholic church groups (i had a day off work and tried to visit all the churches in the town, it was just before i joined the orthodox church), and they were eastern catholic, nothing like the EO western rite.
    the service was most similar to EO, from what i could tell (minimal translation and i don't speak malayalam), and they were very friendly and fasted properly.
    there was delicious vegan food offered to everyone after the service and it was clear most had been fasting all day (the service was around 5pm). 
    i think most indian catholics are more or less orthodox, the church agreed allegiance with the roman church without changing much of their practices.
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  • There are no Western Rite Oriental Orthodox churches in the United States. I can serve at my church in Ohio and at a church in Jerusalem and it will be identical other than some formalities with which hymns are sung due to the church calendar and the Saints which are the namesake of the church.

    The western rite is just a dressed up Roman Mass. There are ample western rite churches in the Antiochian dioceses in the United States.
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  • God bless you Mina :)
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