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I know a Patron Saint is supposed to be one who you look up to, identify with, etc. They could also be the Saint commemorated on your birthdate.
The issue is; following those criteria I’d end up with around 6+ Patron Saints! How do I pick a Patron Saint?
I obviously don’t intend to “oppose” some saints or like some more than others.
Thank you all in advance.


  • @ioannesAthanasius
    Picking a patron saint is an amazing experience! For most people it’s usually one or two Saints who they are really close to. Sometimes the person chooses who they are named after, for example someone who is named Mary, would be after St. Mary. Other people, as you have mentioned look at the Commemoration of the saints on their birthday and choose it based on that. Choosing a patron saint, from my limited understanding, is ask the saints to help you, like in something specific and sometimes some saints are faster in responding to certain people than others. Patron saints are friends so you would get really close to them so as you seek them they will respond to you, and whichever saints you feel the most comfortable speaking to and seeking something out of their lives. In most of the times, they would have a virtue that you really want to have, or they did something in the lives that you wish to do as well, so you ask them for help for this certain path. Therefore, some saints can be patron saints for a certain thing, like a certain path, or they can be general friends that you talk to all the time! All the saints are truly amazing and they intercede and pray for us in front of God. May their blessings be with us.

    I hope this helps! God bless.
  • Alright, thank you very much for your help.
  • If one already chose a saint for Roman Catholic Initiation, but wants to join the Coptic Church, are you able to choose a different patron? 
  • @jojo_hanna what if you’re unbaptized, can you still pick as you await baptism??
  • God is not waiting with a checklist!
    Yes, you must be baptized, chrismated and communed to be an official Coptic Orthodox Christian...But the saints are always by our sides!
    Tell me what type of Saint you’re looking for and I’ll try to name you a few options...
    (EX:Type - repentance, dogma, monk, etc.)
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    @Marwan @birdlynn

    The Coptic church doesn't recognize individual, "Patron" Saints as does the Catholic church. Having an individualized Saint is a Western concept. You'll only receive a Baptismal name when you convert. I chose Anthony after a nephew who died at a very young age. My, "Patron" Saint would be Saint Moses the Stong. I didn't know Saint Moses very well when I converted. Try your best to not focus on such individual aspects of conversion, and allow yourself to grow and develop spiritually and gain knowledge over time. Best of luck to both of you! And yes, there are always amazing Saints to consider your guide and intercessor in the Coptic church!
  • @jojo_Hanna I’m looking for saints known for resilience in times of danger, who kept their faith when the world tried to take it away. Who suffered to remain with Christ. I’m also looking for those who had abilities to forgive, forgiving the hardest of hardships they received for Christ wants us to forgive and I find it hard at times which is why I’m trying to grow spiritually in that area
  • @italiancoptic thanks for your insight
  • One of the most important key-figures who kept His faith for Himself and for us all is none other than St Athanasius the Apostolic!! I love Him so much, He is actually my Patron Saint!

    Saints Menas & Pope Kyrillos VI are very dear to my heart, and are very loved by all.
    If you seek them at anytime, they will help you...
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