Coptic, but more comfortable in an Eastern Orthodox Church

Hello everyone, 

So I'm aware that we are not in FULL communion with the EO's, but, we definitely do have some communion. Personally, I've always struggled in finding myself and most importantly finding God in the Coptic Orthodox Church, I'm not blaming it on the church but it's been many years now and struggling for change but have not been able to attain it. There are obviously personal issues much more beyond that that I won't reveal but anyways I've visited an EO church and I feel much more comfortable than in the Coptic Church. I realize that I will have to take permission from my FOC, but I was wondering if anyone else has looked into this and can give me insight on any of this, thanks! 


  • Have you tried other Oriental Orthodox churches first?
  • The nearest one to me is an hour and a half away
  • It may not be as simple as "taking permission from my FOC"...but I would say go for it. As long as it is the EO that you are becoming part of. 
  • @minatasgeel what do you mean "not as simple as" and "the EO that you are becoming part of", sorry I like a thorough explanation. I ask that because I will still stick to the Coptic Church but go to the EO occasionally to put myself at peace. 
  • Our Mother, the Coptic Church is beautiful in all Her rites, prayers, traditions and much more...
    My friend, I suggest you pray before making any life-changing decisions...
    If there is any, and I say ANY Church other than the COC where you will truly enjoy prayer (not just the tunes) and will really find Salvation, then go, I might even come too!

    I would never leave the Coptic Orthodox Church, She’s my Mother, I know none but her.
    Don’t forget that the blood of your ancestors is Coptic and that you are a Copt...
    May God guide your decision,
    God Bless
  • @constantance I think that "freedom" of being able to go to either will be, to some certain extent, destructive in the future. It would be the same thing as "church hopping" within a specific jurisdiction. What happens when you'll get in a relationship...which church will you and your spouse attend. When you are married and have children, where will they go and settle.

    I think you just need to choose and stick to one since either choices here are appropriate for receiving salvation.  
  • @jojo_hanna I would never forget the Coptic Church, the church itself I love, the people and the environment which they have created around it has forced me into misery for years, and I have also prayed for years about it. Yes, God will handle things, but it is also in our hands to bring about change if we want, at least that's what I believe. Yes, one is not supposed to go to Church for people but for God, but I'm also human and my weakness is precisely that, finding God in a non-comfort zone. Maybe people are supposed to be good at that, but I am not and I believe that I shouldn't be bc God said not to be miserable and "bear your cross" but I have endured it for many years now and well I'm kinda tired...but thanks I totally agree with you and rest assured if there's anyone that loves their heritage and church, its me. 

    @minatasgeel I know what you're hinting at, but I don't think it can get more destructive than this, I am active in the church, believe it or not, and that is the only thing making me not give up on life at this point. I don't mean to sound egocentric but I have no future in that specific church. I don't attain anything, I have no comfort. I have been going there many years but I feel as I am a stranger in my own home, so "church hopping" isn't even an issue bc I don't even feel like the church I'm going to is my home. If I choose one church, I will leave my service in the Coptic Church and again that is not something that I want to do. You say if I find a spouse and I know this is gonna sound like I'm crazy but I am not 100% sure but rather 200% sure that my spouse will not come from the Coptic Church that I go to, if not another one. So either way I will go to the church of my spouse ( if I end up having one) and my children would also go there. there is no way that I would let my children be raised up in such a corrupt state, so that's already settled if you know what I mean. 

    @minatasgeel @jojo_hanna forgive me if I come out as harsh, I just have been hearing the same exact thing over and over again
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