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I am basically a convert (not baptized yet) but anyway back when I was researching Christianity and was in a really messy break up and overall at a low point in my life. I had dreamed I was in the dark, lost and I was following a distant light. The distant light when I got closer was a white church. When I entered, I saw dozens of priests and one mysterious figure who slightly looked like HH Pope Shenouda yet looked different. When he spoke to me, he said to have patience in life and his advice has kept me through basically everything. I don’t know who he is so I’m bringing him to light in order that I may find out. Does anyone know any saints or other Coptic figures who bear a slight resemblance to HH Pope Shenouda?


  • This sounds like the Thrice-Blessed HH Pope Shenouda. God has blessed you with this wonderful vision, Glory to Him!

    St. HH Pope Kyrillos VI is similar in resemblance, too (saintly figure and patriarch with a beard!) as is Anba Abraam, Bishop of Fayoum, Metropolitan Anba Maximous (departed in the 90s)...the list really goes on. But it sounds like one of our Patriarchs or Bishops, so perhaps start there and look up their pictures and life stories.

    May even be one of the Holy Desert Fathers (St. Anthony, St. Pachomius, St. Shenouda, etc.) or contemporary monks and priests (like Abouna Abdelmessih Al-Manahry).

    Pray to God to have this saint reveal himself to you +
  • thank you for the possible answers. I will look through each of the figures and by God’s will, I see the mysterious figure once again.
  • I also forgot to mention that he wore a sort of “hoodie” with the turban on top
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    This "hoodie" is called a Kolonsowa! It is the trademark of all monks (and, by definition, bishops and popes who were once monks). In ancient times, it was worn by St. Anthony, the father of all monks--the tradition is carried through today. 

    And the "turban"/hat is called an 3emma (عماة I think is the spelling). So this definitely narrows it down to one of our Holy Fathers the bishops or popes. Pope Kyrillos VI, in particular, wore an extra piece of fabric above his 3emma, known as the Tarha

    God bless you +
  • Now that I reflect on it (based on the hoodie), I believe it is HH Pope Kyrillos, I am still asking for whoever it was to reveal himself again but I’m sure it’s Pope Kyrillos
  • I think it is most likely Anba Kyrillos. His book is available in English. In fact, it was written by saintly person who also performed many miracles for her and her family by this very saint. 
  • I believe this thread resurfaced at a very perfect time, as his feast was just days ago!
    I believe you've found a saint who loves you very personally :)
  • The book of his life story is in a series called "Climax of Divine Love Series" - but what makes these books unique is the author describes miracles that happened to her with that particular saint.

    * Anba Kyrillos
    * Abu Sefein (Saint Philipatir Marcarious)
    * Saint Demiana
    * Saint George
    * Saint Mary, the Mother of God,
    * Abouna Abdel Sayed (??? )

    Lucky you if it really is him.
  • @zoxsasi
    can you please provide a link for the book, please?
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