Interesting things I learned about the rites of the liturgy

Only the highest-ranked deacon in the altar says "Pray for these holy and precious gifts/oblations."

Any particular reason why? I also wish this was in the English kholagies or on the CopticReader app but alas...

Also, for absolutely anyone who is praying for something in particular, please put a request (written on paper) on the altar. The angel of the sacrifice will read the request and it is sent directly to Christ. This does wonders. 

There are miracles of Pope Kyrillos', from the time he was alive, of the liturgy solving the problems plaguing the Church at the time. One instance was that of a sudden debt the Egyptian government claimed the Church owed at the time. A servant told the Pope this news, to which he reminded the servant that God will handle it.

3 liturgies later...the Pope exclaims that it was the government who owed the Church money and not the converse...and indeed it was so!

Glory be to our GOD forever, Amen +


  • To the first part...The reason that it's NOT in a the liturgy book is because it's NOT a rule. The deacons that are "supposed" to be serving in the sanctuary should be full deacons. But due to the lack of consecrated deacons in our church, an exception has been created for lower ranks to serve in. As a result to that exception, some started making up rules keda to give us a glimpse of what is supposed to be, rather than the exception.

    So, it's not a rule, but out of respect, we just follow it.
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