New Matrimony Rite

Since the synod made new rules for marriage services, like the new oath thing...
how would it go?
God Bless


  • The Synod DID NOT change anything yet. The idea was proposed that the couple, together, would take/read a pledge to the Church in front of the priests. It would happen when the couples get to the deacon's chorus after being led in and before the declaration. The proposed text of the pledge was released but that doesn't make it final since the synod gets a year probably to comment on the text so they would finilize it and confirm the change next year.
  • So if I have an upcoming wedding would it be the usual rite?
  • can someone provide this text? is it accessible somewhere? just curious what it says...
  • I'd like to see it too
  • I haven't seen it written, in Arabic, yet. But Bishop Daniel of Maadi said on TV in an interview by CTV
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