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 Whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God. 

1 Corinthians 10:31

blessings of the Apostles fast.

There is an application called Coptic Faith on the Google Play store that may prove to be useful.

It's a simple application in which the user can test their knowledge in various subjects across the Orthodox Faith.

Perhaps if any of you have the time, you can review it and let me know of any improvements that can be made. I'm limited in my abilities but God has proven that "all things are possible"

Also, perhaps you may consider submitting questions so that we may broaden it's use.

Eventually there will be an API so the questions can be used for those who would like to create something else.

Your brother in Christ   P.S. Some categories have no questions which is why the category may fail to load. Questions are periodically added.


  • I just took some exams in a Coptic Studies program and this is an amazing app! The only suggestion is that the red color covers parts of the question on some of them. Other than that, I'm definitely going to use this for my studies and to help converts.
  • I am genuinely thrown back by the excellence of this app. When I have nothing to do, I just go in and do a quiz. The developers have done a great job.
    On another note; there is an inaccurate answer. The app claims that the Council of Chalcedon can still be seen as Orthodox, when in reality it is not.
  • actually, when understood in the light of the 5th council, it is less problematic.
  • What was the 5th about and what did they say? Forgive me for not knowing.
  • a good starting source is here: and look for documents. it is EO site, but it lists the joint agreements made in 1990.

    the 5th council is called the 2nd council of constantinople and it occurred in 553AD.
    a comprehensive article is here:
    the author is father john erickson, writing on saint vladimir's orthodox seminary website. he was previously the dean of the seminary and hegumen in the orthodox church of america and his writing is very sympathetic towards the OO church.
    that should keep you busy for a few days, it is very long, but very good!
  • sorry forgot forward slashes on 1st link. should be
  • @mabsoota
    Here’s the thing. What makes an ecumenical council truly ecumenical is that it doesn’t need another one to support/modify it. Let’s take the first ecumenical council as an example. We didn’t need another council to clear it up since it was all clear and correct.
    There is no disagreement between Nicea I, Constantinople I, and Ephesus. There is however between Chalcedon and Constantinople II. We don’t view Constantinople I in the context of the next council because we don’t need to.
    However, thank you for the research.
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