Eternity of those before Christ

We know that those who are baptise, chrismated, believe in Christ, and do good works and take communion go to heaven after their death. Those who do not go to hell.
However, how does god treat people before Christ (ancient Egyptians, European pagans, etc.)? Where will they spend their eternity? We can’t say “Purgatory” or “Toll Houses” but either Heaven or Hell.


  • So here is a fact that you need to consider: not everyone who is baptized, chrismated, believe in Christ...etc will go to heaven. Life is not that systematic. All of these "things" to be or do are meant to bring us back to our original perfect humanity, that is to say "Be with God." Meaning that if we are or do all these things and we are not closer to God or we are not in the state of developing towards Him, then we will not go to heaven. That is the reason for our be brought back to our original status of being with God as Adam and Eve were.

    That being said, you can simply think about everyone before Christ to be in the same category. In short, you can say that if they are righteous, they are "probably" in heaven. If they are not, then it's Hades until he last day to be in Hell. 
  • Thank you very much.
  • the 1st 8 chapters of the book of romans discuss this very nicely, especially ch 2.
  • I will check them out
  • I think Ancient Egyptians were very serious about going to heaven and having eternal life. All children are born in the light, good, and are connected to Spirit. We learn to sin, but we have the choice not to sin and to do good. Equality and loving-kindness are important. All are born in the light, and all can choose to go to heaven. Similar to Mary, Ancient Egyptians had Maat. I think their gods and goddesses were people who overcame sin and went to heaven. There are many souls in heaven. Not all go to heaven because it is a choice.
    I am grateful you have kept the Coptic language and are descendants of Ancient Egypt. I think Spirit is happy. 
    I do not know Coptic yet, although I am happy hearing it on another level.
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