Liturgy Litany of the Departed

Hi everyone,
Tomorrow during liturgy, I want to say the part where we can mention a Departed priest in the litany of the departed.
Where (which part) would I say it?

Anything I should know about it?



  • are you talking about the Litany for the Departed Bishop/Patriarch? There is no priestly equivalent; it would just be said after the commemoration
  • I’m talking about the part after the Commemoration
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    You mean when he says the names right before he puts the incense in the shoria after he reads the Litany of the Saints?
  • It would be said after the priest mentions the names of the departed. You would say the following “Pray for our fathers and brethren who have fallen asleep and reposed in the faith of Christ since the beginning, our holy Fathers the archbishops, the bishops, our fathers the hegumens and our fathers the priest (and with them the soul of our father (...)) [so on and so forth].
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