Pope Hymns?

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Hey everyone,
Tonight our Church receives the relics of
St Mercurius and Pope Kyrillos?

What specific hymns should we sing, in your opinion?

Can you sing any Papal Hymns?
Ex: in Marouchasf, can you mention Pope Kyrillos? Lol

Is there anything special for the rite of RECEIVING Relics?

God Bless


  • Marouchasf is about the sitting Patriarch and continuing his Papacy, so saying that about a dead pope is kind of pointless. I’d say no about Marouchasf

    Apekran i believe is appropriate for Popes, so that’s an option. Other than that I’d say tamageed/Axios. Maybe Evshes?

    For Abu Seifen you could say PiEhlog, maybe Haneklom. Again, tamageed and Axios.

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    I agree with (and am learning from) @Daniel_Kyrillos, although I think tamageed and axios during the holy fifties are uncanonical..
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  • The Synod has only allowed one exception for doing a tamgeed during the holy fifties, and that’s if it is the feast of the patron saint(s) of the church. Now, i don’t think that extends to relics of specific saints in a church, excerpts of they are also the patron saint there. And even then, the tamgeed must always begin with Ekhrestos.
  • Wdym exception?
  • The Church is named St Mina/St Cyril (Pillar of Faith), but they consider Pope Kyrillos (6th) their Patron saint too.

    It was consecrated during HHPS’s papacy under the title of Saint Mina and Pope Kyrillos (3amood el Din) just as a way to get Pope Kyrillos VI into the game...
  • @Jojo_Hanna
    During the 50 and on Feasts of the Lord we are not supposed to do any tamageed, as our focus is on the Lord; the Bridegroom is still with us as Jesus said.
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