“Adam Doxologies”

Xristos Anesti!
As today is the feast of the Escape into Egypt, I was looking at the hymns library and I saw a piece titled “Adam Doxology for the Glorification”.
1- Is the correct tune for these the Morning Doxology (which I know is Adam)/Neknai o Panouti?
2- If we are not supposed to do glorifications in the 50 (the Bridegroom is with us), why is it “for the Glorification”?
3- If it is said in the Glorification, where?
3.5- I know there are parts of the Morning Doxology in the Glorification (entho ethmav emPio-ouini), and I’ve heard some recordings of the part for the Martyrs (haneklom) being said between Epouro and the melody in the melody tune. Is it a part of either of these?
4- (and this is the important part) are they worth translating and saying? I’ve seen them in many other folders in the past, and none of them have an English translation. I think even I could translate the Escape’s one and add it to the library, but is there any benefit to that?

Thank you, and happy Global Coptic Day!


  • I too want to inquire more about this...
    -Mlm Albair says that you must say any Morning Doxology in its proper tune (not the Veneration)
    -The Holy Synod says Veneration can only be prayed if it is the feast of the Church’s Patron Saint (Although our church prays Glorification all the time, they never follow this rule so I wouldn’t know too much about it)
  • @Daniel_Kyrillos...What I am going to say is the current followed rite (just so we don't confuse how things used to be said or how some researchers think how they should be said). In general though, an adam doxology is basically a doxology that is said in the "Epo-o-ro" tamgeed tune...that never changes. The doxologies we say in raising of incense are called "Watos Doxologies" and their tune changes based on the season. Also:

    1- The Morning Doxology, as a standalone hymn that is said in the morning before matins, it has one quick tune that doesn't change. Neknai O pannouti has its tune also that is similar to the Morning Doxology, but not the same. Now, the morning doxology was probably said during matins in different parts...those may have different tunes.

    2- I think the way tamgeeds/glorifications are done these days are different from how they were structures. There used to be a separate service called "taqdees" that is actually started with Ekismaraoot, Shere theotoke, Agios Yesteen...etc. Then normally tamgeed would follow with unique hymns for the saint. There is probably an 'adam doxology' or a 'madeeha' for the feast, and that was titled "glorification." The word is still correct...just not precise to describe the track.

    3- You'd say it in the procession or distribution

    3.5 In the tamgeed, you should say the part of the morning doxology that has to do with the saint. If for the Virgin, you'd say Entho ethmav...if for a martyr, you'd say haneklom.

    4- Anything is worth translating...now for that translation to be said and sound good, that's debatable. The problem is, every person translated differently and has different guides and priorities in doing so. 

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