Third time marriage in coptic church while 2 ex partners are still alive .. how is this possible ... ?


  • The church may at times hope the person is honest in their repentance and give them another chance. No man is excluded from God and all have an opportunity to have a clean slate through honest repentance. Should the person not be honest, that person will sadly bear its condemnation in the future. In the end, marriage is there as a means to help us get closer to God - not further. May God lead all of us to Him. That is the true goal...
  • Thank you... I truly agree , but can I marry in the Coptic church too then again.. I am the first wife... ? And if the church is changing and making divorce and marying so easy.. I thought it is a sacrament ... and be truly respected
  • My Lord , My Savior , My Mesiah, I pray for the Coptic Church ...
  • Speak to a priest in your local church & the bishop explaining your situation and see what they say...
  • Thank you..
  • @gerlinda.

    First, welcome to the forum. We hope that you come here to benefit from the wealth of info on the site and the forum.

    Second, I am very sorry to hear about your situation. But I need to ask you something...what exactly do you think will happen when you post about this topic here on our forum? Are you waiting for an explanation? Are you waiting for sympathies? Are you expecting anyone here to try to change what had happened already?

    While I may sound harsh or insensitive, I am very puzzled. Not just because of this specific discussion, but ANY discussion that deals with controversial topics such as divorce.

    It was said MANY MANY times before by the Pope, and bishops, and priests, and servants, that cases of divorce are the exception to the rule of marriage. In essence, the Church does not divorce anyone but simply allows specific people to remarry. That is done differently in each case. Going around telling everyone the details of each case means nothing to the individual that is reading since he or she will always be limited to the info that ONLY ONE party provides (I am not not talking specifically about your situation @gerlinda anymore, but speaking in general). 

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