Pubic Hair??

Is it ok to shave pubic hair?


  • You mean like add hair gel or wax? It depends. what do you do for a living?
  • Wow. That was the most unique question I've seen on here. The answer is yes. I'm not sure how religion plays a role in shaving your privates.
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    By pubic, I mean around the privates, armpits, et cetera.
  • I believe that's a person choice. That's why I use my own tonia. It appears those who are older and have lived in the west don't understand deodorant. Yes, you can shave your body. Did you know Nuns should shave their heads and Monks shouldn't cut their hair? Obviously neither do that. I believe grooming is only cultural in Christianity, and no church relegates hygiene for laypersons.
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