What dictates a priest's elevation to hegumen (قمص)?

Just curious because our priest has been selected for elevation. 


  • Years of service, involvement in various activities, i.e. community service, helping the poor, theological teachings, youth involvement, and evangelism.
    My Abouna is a Heguman and I had no idea. The same for the Abouna who married me and my wife. They both had at least 35 to 40 years of service as a Priest.
  • From what I’ve seen, a modern Hegumen (is the plural of heguman hegumen or are both the singular and plural hegumen? Unrelated but anyway) is a priest with extra responsibility. So naturally, to be a hegumen one has to be able to handle it. Most of the time you can’t tell obviously at first but you can always see in rites that a non-hegumen priest defers certain rites to the hegumen because of the clerical order. Pray for me
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