On Hell

What is the teaching of the Coptic Orthodox Church on Hell? Is it a physical place where people go to burn for eternity? Or is Hell (as one Greek Orthodox priest put it) just us exposed to God’s limitless love and so it burns because we rejected that love here on earth?


  • I've been seeing a lot of speculation on such topics. Conclusively, beyond the visions that certain saints like tamav irini, makarius or kronstadt have seen, it is impossible to know. Tamav for example experienced 2 walls closing in on her with a foul stench but this was a personal experience in her vision to teach her a lesson about judgment of others. 

    Similarly, Makarius saw fire extending from the feet to the heads of the condemned. All images or visions contained differences but concluded that suffering does exist and is eternal.
    The only thing that Orthodox Christians should guard against is the heresy that hell isn't eternal ; the new fashionable and intellectual idea 'Apokatastesis'. Beyond that, it personally doesnt matter to me nor it should it to others. What difference will it make if that suffering is eternal anyway.
    Repentance and a holy life here can perhaps give us glimpses of what is to come but it will certainly allow us to avoid it as well :)

  • i wanted to clarify when i said "What difference will it make if that suffering is eternal anyway"
    It certainly is eternal and that is Orthodox Dogma. It certainly makes all the difference.
    I think i wanted to say "what difference does it make what kind of suffering it is" 

    It is suffering that is devoid of any real and blessed union with God.
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