Bright Saturday (Bishop Present!)

Hey All,
-During bright Saturday, what can we add for the Bishop's presence?
-(Can you say Marouchasf before the Gospel ? If so, in which tune Paschal, Standard ???)


  • bright saturday has a lot of hymns that you are supposed to say in half paschal and half annual. you can prob say marochasf after the annual psalm...until the bishop will probably stop you (which is ok). 
  • Our bishop lets us say all the introductory things!
    wdym a lot of hymns half and half ?
    but how would the psalm START annual ? It starts by ke iperto so Paschal then Flips annual, then Paschal then Annual ! so you would never get the chance to say any intro "annualy" !!
    You get what I mean, arshi ?
  • lol...whose the arshi?!

    the psalms and the gospels and the pauline are said half paschal then half annual. In Matins of bright saturday, the psalm is really 2 full psalms, each with 4 stikhons. So you would do the first of them fully in edribi, the second fully in annual...then you would go straight in marchasf after the annual with the same tune. 
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