Response to Fr Youhanna Nassif in English

Finally I finished the English response to Fr Youhanna Nassif's thesis on changing the date of the Nativity feast. As I had said before the thesis was full of misinformation and personal statements that do not amount to scientific facts and therefore I felt I needed to respond along the lines of critical appraisal. Please give me your opinions and don't forget to mention me and my wife, and the soon to arrive son, in your prayers always..
Here is the link:
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  • i have read it, and you have many good points.
    the most striking thing for me is the number of years that will pass before the coptic calendar starts to become less acurate, that is it will be about 4,500 years before the feast of the nativity will move. 
    by that i mean moving 'forward' from winter (northern hemisphere, or summer southern hemisphere) into spring (or autumn, southern hemisphere). so only in the year 6,519AD will we have to worry about Christmas being celebrated during lent (great fast).

    it is interesting to see the inaccuracies of the 'new' gregorian calendar,
    ans i can see we certainly should not be in any rush to change our calendar!
  • Hi @mabsoota,
    Thank you very much for your comment. Please remember that the paragraph you are referring to is purely hypothetical because the calculations for the feast of resurrection and consequently the apostles fast and feast will all move too. Thanks again and please pray for me and Phoebe and the son coming on the way a lot.. See you soon God willing..
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  • sure, it certainly seems we should be in no rush to change the calendar!

    maybe we should revisit the idea in another 4,000 years...


  • Dear @theophilos,
    Thank you very much for your reply.. I e-mailed the servants on the website my response, and I look forward to hearing their opinions..
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