Response to a thesis by Fr Youhanna Nassif

For those who can read Arabic on this forum, please find below the link to my critical appraisal of a thesis done by Fr Youhanna Nassif on changing the date of the Nativity feast. My sole aim was to address the many scientific flaws in addition to some personal opinions that are not really necessary.
I am currently in the process of translating the response into English, so I will post it here when it is done.. Please give me your opinions and above all pray for me and my wife..
Here is the link:
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  • Hi all,
    Below is the corrected version of the Arabic critical appraisal of Fr Youhanna Nassif's thesis - I had to make some changes, additions and corrections, and also embellish the text.. Looking forward to your opinions..
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  • Did you translate it yet?
    I think now would be the best time to publish and send it out :D
  • Yes I did, and I am just doing the final revision. I actually have recorded new videos to critically appraise the material in his videos.. I hope I can publish them by the weekend.. Thanks @Jojo_Hanna for your encouragement..
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  • No worries @ophadece !!
    Always praying for you!
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    I read the summery of this critical criticism and it is pretty good, (even though I am not Coptic) but just want to say that at the end result for those who live in the West and have kids (the truth to be told) will feel according to their surroundings on Dec 25 that almost everybody celebrating Christmas at that time. I wish that everybody celebrate Christmas on Dec 25 and Easter as the Coptic Church (week after Passover)
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    I disagree mrcreed. Most people who do care about Christmas in the states and Canada, not sure about Europe, hate what the feast turned into--a holiday for business to take advantage of consumers. It's commercialization that clergy and true Christian dislike and speak against, yet they are forced to partake in. So celebrating on another day helps really celebrate and experience the incarnation.

    And who said you are alone?! Christmas in general is a family based celebration. You spend it with your family. If you're family are all copts, then it makes sense to still spend the day together or even with your bigger family, the church.
  • @ minatasgeel
    thanks for your reply, I was away for a while.
    I don't disagree about commercializing Christmas.
    I give you an example in my work (big place) they make Christmas tree and decoration etc... and by the time when we celebrate all that is removed, and I know that Christmas is in our heart but it leaves a sad feeling about division.
  • @mrcreed...I hope all is well,

    The thing is though, anyone who thinks that unifying the dates of feasts would bring on unity in faith in general is greatly mistaken. It would only be a very superficial move to cover all the disagreement in faith. And i am saying that considering the same reasoning that supporters mention: changing the dates is not based on the faith. 
  • Dear @minatasgeel,
    Please let me comment on something that you said: "anyone who thinks that unifying the dates of feasts would bring on unity in faith in general is greatly mistaken. It would only be a very superficial move to cover all the disagreement in faith"..
    Thank you, thank you, thank you.. I am very very very happy and I can't agree more.. Very well said really..
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  • It actually wasn't even me who said it before. A prominent English speaking and young priest from NJ flat out said it on FB a couple of weeks ago when this Anba Serapion made his decision. I was more concerned about the rites of course, thats my specialty in the service... But what he said also made sense.
  • Aha I didn't know that.. Can I ask who that priest is, or if you can provide me with the link? Thanks in advance Mr @minatasgeel
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  • It's Fr Michael Sorial. He said it in a response to a topic (that got heated) on facebook ( 
    Abouna Michael For those who argue that aligning calendars will bring unity between Oriental Orthodox and Catholics or Protestants....that’s just silly, it does / will not! Calendar unity gives a superficial appearance that people / groups are united. The unity of the Church has always been predicated on theological unity, which then leads to Eucharistic unity, irrespective of liturgical or calendar differences (as can be witnessed in the Oriental Orthodox Church).
  • Thanks a million @minatasgeel
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  • I really don't see how that changes somebody's faith by changing the date of the birth of Jesus Christ which is an approximate date! anyhow we continue to disagree with love
  • I think you are misunderstanding the reasoning those that are against changing are giving. It's not about the changing the faith. It's about the reasons for the change. I can't mention everything again, so i would recommend gaining some patience and readings or watching Fady's research (not that i am saying you are impatient .... but it is very long--i needed patience myself :-) )
  • Yes @mrcreed, @minatasgeel is right, it is really really very long. I will take his advice in the next project..
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  • Thanks, I will try
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