So I have a question about priesthood. If an individual is nominated can they refuse the priesthood?I've heard stories about people being locked in roo.s before they accepted nomination but I honestly feel like choice should be given in the matter


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    It's actually up their wife. The first person my Priest asked to even suggest it down the line was my wife. That was four years ago and I still have another 3-5 years before it can happen.

    A Priest's wife is the main income, especially in the U.S. You don't get health insurance, a 401(k) or any pension as a Coptic Priest. You cannot support a family on an average salary. Your wife would have to work and be ok with being the bread winner.

    If you aren't comfortable or meant to serve as a Priest, then that's the fault of the Bishop. I know some Deacons who would be great Priests, but they just don't want the responsibility.

  • @Italiancoptic, you didn't get a say in the matter
  • The Bishop,
    The father of confession,
    The family,
    The candidate himself,
    And finally the church he is nominated to,

    All have a say in the matter. In the end, all 5 of these should be seeking to hear God’s will, not their own. If they all are, all 5 will align.
  • The average Deacon who would be considered would have to do certain things to show they are capable. If a person is adamant about not serving, of course they can decline.

    My case is somewhat more complex than just being asked. It has been a long process, and there are a lot of bumps and delays along the way. I was extremely into it, almost expecting or desiring it by taking it for granted. I even had a guy come in to the church and become the main Deacon as I slipped back a little.

    It's almost like you don't want it after a while.You begin to see the human side of it when you interact with more and more people and see what a Priest does in a day.

    A Priest is not perfect and even in some circumstances prefers to be treated as a normal person. I believe the most important trait is humanity, and sometimes someone may need to be convinced, but probably very rarely. I would think they are just trying to be humble more than outright rejection.

    My specific story is for another day.
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