Kalos Aki Sharon- Owoh ten, Kiahky Owoh tenjinmoshi, ef-er aboleven?

In the Kaloc Ak`i Saron lyrics on here, it says that the verses can be said in certain tunes besides the famous one that many people know. It mentions the annual We Follow You tune, as well as 3 other hymns that I don't recognize- Ouoh Ten, the Kiahky owoh tenjiinmoshi, and the ef-er aboleven on the enthronement tune. Does anyone have recordings and lyrics to those hymns, and a recording of the entire hymn said in this lesser known way?


  • Sorry I just noticed this. There is an old HICS recording of the first verse in Tenouweh tune. There is also a recording of the whole hymn by HCOC on their Papal Hymns recordings. I'll research more and get back to you.
  • So the first tune is the annual tenoweh Ensok tune. The next one is the festive tune of the doxologies. Next is techosi, the verse after teoi enhikanos, finally the enthronement tune is part of the end of tee meet esnooti.
  • What mnhanna9 said is correct. But there is some things to consider. I believe the Ouoh Ten tune is lost so the modern cantors decided to put the joyous doxology tune. I assume the Kiahk Ouoh tejinmoshi is also a lost melismatic tune and the only thing that remains is the shorter tejinmoshi tune we hear now (although I think that should be called the Kiahk Techosi emasho fast tune, not Ouoh tejinmoshi.)

    One thing I'd like to point out is that this hymn is definitely an aberration. We rarely put rubrics of any hymn that says what it should sound like. In fact we know our church has different tunes for the same hymn and just renames the tune (Adam, Batos, Shanini, annual, etc). Putting rubrics that say what the tune sounds like means there is only one way to do the hymn. Even if there is one way, many melismatic hymns don't describe the tune. For example, there is no rubric that says Afrek etve is in the tune of Kata nikhoros. Also we don't switch tunes that abruptly in hymns (The only other hymn is the Festal Morning Doxology aka the 7 Ways). It seems to me that this would make the tune of Kalos aki sharon very late, one that required scribes to make notes of the tune because many melismatic hymns were getting lost frequently.  (Of course this is all speculation)
  • @Remnkemi @mnhanna9 Can I get a recording for Techosi?
    Remnkemi, this entire hymn is unique- according to this site, the new tune is based in Egypt's national anthem! It's also unclear what it's meant for- the Pope arriving in the country/area he is visiting, or his return to Egypt? Are we supposed to say this at the airport?- we'd need  make sure to have enough deacons :))
    Another way to explain the weirdness of it could be that it just wasn't said that often. Nowadays, the Pope travelling is almost common. I can only assume back when planes didn't carry hundreds of people at a time it was a much bigger deal for a Pope to visit somewhere far away. Maybe it was rare enough that the scribe decided to write a little guide for it? Not entirely sure. But thank you so much :)
  • No @Daniel_Kyrillos there is no tune and certainly it's not based on the national anthem. @minatasgeel would explain it better, but basically a recording was found in which one cantor (can't remember who) received the patriarch (I believe Pope Kyrillos, but not sure) fitting the tune on the old Republic of Egypt anthem (Egypt's anthem changed since). So it was a one off and I personally would feel devastated if such a practice is followed anymore (yes but who am I for it to matter if I felt devastated or delighted? Haha)
    Oujai khan ebshois
  • The cantor who constructed the tune is Cantor Mikhail the great. the recording we have is M Tawfik who learned it from M Mikhail. 
  • @meenatasgeel can I have the link to this recording?
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